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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wolfville to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Ruth drove me down in Lindsey's car to pick up our car rental yesterday morning at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We were handed the keys to a nice little 2013 Nissan Versa with only 11,000 kms (6,800 miles) on the ticker.

Shhh. The little blue car doesn't know we're cheating on him!

But it is kind of nice driving a new car for a change. This is a pretty fuel efficient little unit. It has one of those onboard computers telling you your gas mileage, and on yesterday's trip it says we're getting an average of 5.4 litres per 100 kms (44 mpg) so far.

Ruth and Cameron in our rented 2013 Nissan Versa.

We took the old highway #1 along the coast. It's called The Evangaline Trail, and it runs through many small Acadian communities where the French originally set up house back in the 1700's. We had been as far as Digby when we were in this area with the motorhome, so anywhere southwest of Digby was all new to us.

Yesterday's drive 246 kms (152 miles). (A) Lindsey's house (B) Savary Park (C) Mavillette Park (D) Yarmouth.

Savary Park is a great stop for a picnic and a walk ! (GPS 44-511801, -65.90668)

It was a bit chilly yesterday, with a high of only 7C (45F). Plus it was windy, so grandson Cameron had his warm hat on.

When the tide is out, there is lots of shoreline to explore.

From Savary Provincial Park, we headed further down the Evangaline Trail to Mavillette Beach Provincial Park. We love exploring Nova Scotia's parks at this time of year because there's nobody around! 

We were lucky to be at Mavillette Beach when the tide was out. It was cool and windy, but that doesn't stop grandson Cameron from having fun with grandma and grandpa!

Heading up the boardwalk to Mavillette Beach.

At the top of the boardwalk we saw the huge sandy beach!

The wind was blowing the sand!

Cameron was having fun making footprints in the sand!

In fact, we made a video of the fun. If you turn up your volume, you can hear how windy it was!

When we were done on the beach, we drove around the corner to the lighthouse at Cape St. Mary's. The lighthouse is nothing special, but you get a good view of the cliffs and the rough ocean from the windy day.

Rough seas!

Fishing boats in Mavillette Harbor.

We made our way to Yarmouth and found a little greasy spoon for dinner. Had their roast chicken special, but it wasn't anything special! Then found a nice little motel to spend the night. Watched the third "Ice Age" movie with Cameron, and then he fell asleep with no problem at all!

Then, we tried watching the World Series game, but we are two hours later than the local time so it was already after 11:00pm here when we turned it off in the middle of the fifth inning. Don't want to be too tired for exploring today!


  1. Like you, we enjoy visiting a place on the off season because we get it all to ourselves. That beach is incredible...and the video of Cameron is too cute! Sounds like a lot of memories are being made. Kudos!

    1. Just about every time we come to Nova Scotia it is the off season, we have never had a problem with crowds and we love it. The only downside to that is that not as much is open and sometimes the weather hasn't been the nicest.

  2. Off season is great! I visited the west coast once in November (Tofino on Vancouver Island) and the weather was fantastic as well as the prices.

    1. Yes,, we agree, things are generally cheaper in the off season. We have noticed that in our travels. Having good weather is a bonus for sure.

  3. Wow Cameron's little feet hardly make a dent. You certainly have the place to yourselves!

    1. Yep, as much as he tried he couldn't make his footprints sink in. Kevin even tried picking him up an dropping him down on his feet and still hardly a mark but he loved putting his feet in our tracks.

  4. Cute pics and nice video of Cameron - don't you just love it?

    1. Thanks Connie and Barry and yes we love it!

  5. Enjoy your time with Cameron, they grow up so quickly.
    Love that area of Nova Scotia.

    1. Yes, they do and because we don't get to see him as much as we want, we will make the most this time with him.

  6. You are styling in that hot little car. Don't worry, I won't tell LBC, my lips are sealed! ;c)

    1. So glad that you won't let the Little Blue Car know!


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