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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ottawa Marriott Hotel

The Ottawa Marriott Hotel has a distinctive design that stands out in the skyline of Ottawa, Canada's capital city. Built in 1972, the rooftop has a huge revolving room that spins at a rate of one revolution every two hours. It is the 8th tallest building in the National Capital Region.

It's a large hotel with 486 guestrooms and all the amenities a downtown hotel should offer.

Click on the panorama photo and see if you can you pick out the Ottawa Marriott Hotel from the city's skyline...

Hmm. Which building has a round revolving room at the top??

Ottawa Marriott Hotel located at Queen and Kent.

Ottawa Marriott Hotel.

We used the valet parking. It was convenient and fast! Pulled up to the lobby, grabbed the bags and the little blue car disappeared with the cheerful valet. Parking anywhere in downtown Ottawa is a little expensive, so at $25 a night you might as well spend the extra $5 to do it right with the valet!

Ottawa Marriott lobby.

Into the lobby and up to the check in area, we were totally impressed at how fast it was. In all honesty, I bet it was less than 60 seconds from the time they said hello to the time we had our room key in hand and headed for the elevator!

Nice business and internet center in the lobby.

Our room was on the 19th floor so we were looking forward to some impressive views. We weren't disappointed, especially because our room faced west and we got there around dusk.

Sunset from our 19th floor room at the Ottawa Marriott.

Ruth on our balcony, watching the sunset.

Our room.

What's the most important part of a hotel? Well to us, it's the bed. Have a look at that comfy bed in the picture above! Does it look comfortable? Yes, it does. And let us tell you, it was just as comfortable as it looks in the picture! We had a great sleep at the Ottawa Marriott.

We had a nice little office center in our room. Wi-fi internet was free, and it worked just fine for us the whole time we were there.

We were so busy exploring the city that we didn't make use of the hotel's amenities. Beautiful swimming pool, fantastic work out room, kids room, and teens room. Let's have a look...

Swimming pool and workout facilities.

Ruth, using the well equipped gym!

The "teen" room. We're thinking adults might have fun here too!

And the kids room.

We had the "breakfast included" option and that was the best way to start off your day. Spin Kitchen and Bar is located on the first floor, and the buffet breakfast was above average. 

We can't find very much bad to say about our stay at this downtown Ottawa hotel.

If we had to pick on one thing, it would be the ridiculous price of a bottle of water in the room. They do have a small bar fridge in your room, but it's empty rather than being stocked with overpriced liquor. Then, they leave two bottles of water, with a tag on them saying that they are $4.50 each! Then surprisingly, they come and knock on your door at around 7:00pm and offer you a chocolate and a bottle of water...for free. So why the $4.50 water? I don't get it. For the price of a bottle of water (ten or fifteen cents?) why not just include a couple of free bottles in the room?

But that's a pretty minor item. Our stay at the Ottawa Marriott was great, and we wouldn't hesitate to go back. 

What does all this cost? Well it's cheaper than you might think.

Ottawa Marriott rates.

A quick search this morning found rates as low as $135 per night which is pretty cheap for an above average downtown Ottawa hotel. Considering you're walking distance from just about anything in the downtown core, it would be tough to find anything cheaper. 

Great view of downtown Ottawa from the Ottawa Marriot Hotel.


  1. Howdy R&K,
    Gripe, Gripe Gripe. can't you say something nice about the hotel; I bet Ruth would...
    Kevin, you come up with the best 'deals' on everything... The view is fantastic, especially of the balcony ornament... Did y'all 'do' the revolving restaurant ?? They're neat !!! Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY and see lots of great sights...

    1. Lol, you are funny Butterbean! The views were beautiful fro our balcony.

      The revolving restaurant is no longer open but when it was open we had eaten up there a number of times. The revolving restaurant area is now used as an event location for weddings, parties or business meetings.

  2. You guys are really living it up! And, just think, it's your own back yard! I've always thought the idea os taking a vacation where one lives is a great idea. It's so much fun to see our stomping grounds through the eyes of a tourist. I've done it a few times in San Francisco and it's so much fun. Enjoy!

    1. I believe the term that is used now for staying in your own city for a vacation/holiday is a "Staycation".

      I think it is something everyone should do, you learn so much more about your own city that you may not have known before.

  3. That certainly beats couch surfing! :c)

    You got a lot of value for that price, nice to pamper yourselves once and a while!

    1. Couchsurfing is fun in it's own way but it is certainly nice to have some time on your own as well.


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