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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Waiting to board the ferry to Spain.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading towards Seville, Spain.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kevin, ready for the War of 1812!

The acquisition of Canada this year, as far as the neighborhood of Quebec, will be a mere matter of marching, and will give us experience for the attack of Halifax the next, and the final expulsion of England from the American continent. Thomas Jefferson, Aug 4, 1812.

Apparently not.

Of course Canada didn't exist in it's present form at the time and the area was known as British North America. The War of 1812 was actually between the United States and Britain, it just happened to take place in areas that are now present day Canada.

The British Royal Navy had a large operation in the city of Halifax at the time, and the big Citadel fort ensured that Halifax was never attacked during the war.

A scale model of The Halifax Citadel.

In 1906, the British handed the Halifax Citadel over to the Canadian Department of Militia and Defence. The Citadel was used and operated by the Canadian Military right through World War II and was used as a temporary barracks for Canadian troops. It would have been their last glimpse of Canada before heading overseas. The Citadel was handed over to Parks Canada in the 1950's and now parts of it have been restored to offer visitors an experience of what life might have been like in the fort back in the 1800's.

The guides in period dress.

There is a small war museum onsite that has displays from the War of 1812, right up to Canada's involvement in Afghanistan.

The Citadel is defended by a lot of cannons!

Grandparent moment! Daughter Lindsey, with grandaughter Sadie. 

Sadie is starting to smile!

The Citadel is located pretty much right in downtown Halifax. So while the city really doesn't have an impressive skyline as such, being on top of the Citadel hill does offer some good views of Halifax Harbor.

View of Halifax from the Citadel.


The cannons are mounted on swivel bases.

Do you remember when we were trying to figure out our way to New York City? And one of the options we were looking at was taking a cruise ship from Halifax to New York? Coincidentally, yesterday would have been the day we departed for New York had that option worked out! So standing on Citadel Hill, we could see the huge Caribbean Princess cruise ship in Halifax port...

The Caribbean Princess in Halifax port.

We wandered in to one of the rooms at the fort. It was sunny with cloudy periods, but the high temperature was only 10C (50F) and there was a chilly wind outside! The room we wandered in to was the tailor shop. The fort had it's own tailor on duty to outfit the men in their uniforms. Of course since I had enlisted, they had to fit me for my suit.

I was told to stand at attention and not move!


Ready for duty, sir! 
As one of our facebook fans suggests, the look on my face says that perhaps I was drafted! 

Ruth looks good in her hat though.

There is a "moat" surrounding the fort, however it was never designed to hold water.

The inner courtyard.

The Halifax Citadel is an interesting place to spend a couple of hours. Cost is reasonable at around $20 for a family of four, plus another $3.00 for onsite parking.


  1. This was one of our favourite spots to visit when in Halifax. Where you there perchance at noon time?? That's an experience.

    1. No unfortunately we just missed the firing of the noon time canon by about 15 minutes or so.

      I was a nice spot but because they were closing up for the winter in a week or so, many of the exhibits or reenactments weren't running. I think it would be a better experience closer to the summer season.

  2. I look forward to visiting Nova Scotia, along with all your Provinces - hopefully some in '14. Every part of Canada is beautiful. Thanks for the great photos.

    1. We sure hope that you make your way out to Nova Scotia, we are sure you will love it.

  3. Ruth is a much better model than you. Although, that hat you had on might be a good one to take to would scare all the hungry lions away! :cD

    1. I think Kevin did a great job modeling his uniform and he even manage to stay at attention for at least one whole minute. I don't think he is cut out for the army, though! :)

  4. Howdy R&K,
    OF COURSE RUTH LOOKS GOOD IN HER UNIFORM; she looks good without a uniform too, also.... You lucky pistol(son-of-a-gun) !!!!! With that look on your face and those legs reaching out of the 'kilt', anybody would RUN AWAY !!! Did you REALLY wear a KILT ????
    Thanx, for the tour and all of the great pics !!!! May the light shine on y'all all day.

    1. Nope, he never tried on the kilt, don't think that he would have wanted to either!

  5. Hello you guys, I just see that you are "around the corner" from us. Why don't you come on by before going to N.Y.?? Campobello is kind of along your way. And I'm sure we can show you the island. write back [email protected]

    1. Thanks for the invite Peter and Beatrix but we will have to take you up on your offer some other time. When we leave Nova Scotia we will be flying to New York City so we won't be driving past you. When we are back this way in the car or our motorhome we will happily come and visit and let you show us around the island.

  6. Another fun day you had, but I think Ruth looks much better in her hat than you do in uniform.

    1. I loved seeing a man in uniform so I enjoyed seeing him dressed up!


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