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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wow...busy Friday!

But before we get to that, thanks to all of you medically inclined readers out there who expressed concern for my apparent wasp sting allergy. It turns out that here in Canada I can buy an EpiPen or similar device without a no doctor visit is necessary.

But apparently I'm going to have to shop around! Initial research tells me that these devices sell for around $120.00! And there's no generic version because the patent doesn't expire until 2025. Going to have to explore this further, but yes...I will make a point of getting something like this.

Okay, so the first thing on yesterday's agenda was to get rid of Moose, the stray dog. He slept in the house with us and he was fine except that he woke us up at about 5:30am wanting outside. We let him out on a rope and went back to sleep. Apparently he did too because we didn't hear a whine out of him.

I had a couple of things to do in town anyhow, and Moose eagerly hopped in to the truck and awkwardly lay down in the passenger seat. He's actually a little too big for the seat and kind of had his butt laying on the console. Looked a little funny, but he seemed happy enough.

Found the SPCA in Prince Albert and saw the sign that said "Open at 11:00am". It was about 10:30 then. Hmm. But there was a guy doing a delivery of some kind at a side door and so I went over there and managed to talk to an employee. She went and got the director and I explained how Moose was on the road and was at risk of getting hit by a car so I picked him up. Yes, a little white lie, but I had been told that they wouldn't accept him unless you're a resident of the city so I wasn't taking any chances. Said goodbye to the big fellow and that was that. I hope he finds a happy home.

Did some more running around in town, and then back to the park in time for the long weekend campers to arrive.

Spent the afternoon and evening delivering wood and solving people's problems. Some registration and reservation issues and I'm learning that this is pretty typical. How can a small campground like this not have a computerized reservation system? One of the things that I'll bring up at the next board of directors meetings.

Didn't get to bed until midnight, and up at 7am this morning. Haven't heard about any overnight problems yet, but everything seemed relatively peaceful when I did my last rounds before hitting the sack.

Lots going on today. Volleyball and horseshoe tournaments, a silent auction, burgers on the beach. So have to go down and help the special events committee get all set up for this stuff. Looks like a gorgeous day though, calling for blue sky and sunshine with a high of 23C (73F).

This is the last day to enter our contest, so any of you in North America with a self contained RV camper can enter our contest to win one of three Harvest Hosts memberships. So fill out the forms above and we'll announce the winners on Tuesday morning!

Another pretty sunset last night.


  1. $120? Ouch! The Epi-Pen manufacturer must be pretty proud of their product to charge that much. Good luck tracking down one at a more reasonable price...I'm sure you'll figure out something.

  2. About 8 years ago they were $75.00 but what you need to know is that they are only good for so many years with an expiry date so then you have to throw it away and buy another. We had to catty one for one of our dogs. Check with an MD first and see is there is something else you can take orally until you can get to a medical facility if need be.

    Great sunset shot.

  3. Just a thought---If the dpi pen was prescribed by a MD, would insurance pay for it?

    1. Nope! Insurance would pay for it if you have a prescription plan which you can purchase privately, have a plan through your place of employment or you are over 65, which we are none of the above.

  4. The obvious solution is to always wear a beekeeper's suit whenever outdoors. Cheaper than an EpiPen and doesn't expire.

  5. Great header photo, sometimes I miss those awesome sunsets, but the hail storms and tornado's remind me why I live in Vancouver now.
    You are good at finding deals, so I'm sure you will figure out something on the EPI pen.
    Sucks about Moose, sure looked like a nice gentle dog. I hope his owners seek him out and find him. No collar and no tags or microchip? So important these days.
    Off to vote now!!!!!

  6. Why would the government pay for a lifesaving device you could take yourself? Isn't it cheaper to call an ambulance that rushes you to the local emergence ward where a team of ER staff work trying to save your life? Typical government non-thinking, or is it a case of follow the money?



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