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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here's our Harvest Hosts contest winners!

Our contest last week was a resounding success. Well, at least for three of you it was! A membership to Harvest Hosts is a kind of a specialized prize so we thought that maybe not too many people would enter.

But we have lots of RV'ing readers, and 85 of you entered the contest. So, three of you have won a 1 year membership and we hope that the other 82 of you will take the time to actually buy one. For $40 a year it's money well spent and you'll enjoy the peace and solitude that comes with an overnight stay at a winery, farm, or orchard.

So, without further ado, here's our lucky winners...!

Drawn from the cyber pot randomly and electronically, the first name to come up was Barry Abbott. Barry and his wife Lorraine live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and they do their traveling in a Class B van style motorhome. They've been down to Mexico in it and they're also planning a Canadian prairies trip later this month. They're hoping to stop in and see us here at the park. That would be great to have some more visitors!

Number two name drawn was Donna Cason. Donna and her husband live in the little town of Stone Ridge, New York only a couple of hours drive from The Big Apple. They're looking forward to using their new Harvest Hosts membership during their upcoming trip to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico!

And the last name drawn was our good friends and long time blog readers Nancy Beglaw and her husband Doug. Nancy and Doug call Nanaimo, Vancouver Island their temporary home while also doing a lot of traveling in their VW Euro Van.

We're so glad that the winners all have plans to use their Harvest Hosts membership. We're sure they'll enjoy it as much we we do when we're traveling North America in our motorhome Sherman.

The grounds of Savage Oaks Winery where we were parked up for the evening with our motorhome. This Harvest Hosts listed winery is near Union, Maine, USA


  1. congrats to all the winners!! hope they enjoy their prizes!

  2. Great prize. Lucky winners! Fun for all.

  3. Thanks you for making us aware of this great opportunity. Once we stop travelling to Mexico we will for certain be buy a membership. Just not worth it right now as we are only in the USA for a few days coming and going and already have our overnight spots selected.

  4. Not a bad place to be parked up!


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