Sunrise from where we were parked this morning near Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Una National Park, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Montenegro.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nice weekend

Uneventful weekend for us, just the way we like them around here at the campground. Beautiful summer weather, and that brought out the boaters and the day use area people. One more busy weekend to go, and that's Labor Day long weekend coming up next. But even that depends on the weather forecast. So far we still have quite a few sites available, but that should quickly change if the forecast looks nice.

While we were having a coasting kind of a weekend, our daughter Lindsey was busy.

First of all, she's very pregnant. As opposed to being just a little bit pregnant. Our second grandchild is due to be born on September 6, less than two weeks away.

So, rewind the story to at least nine months ago. Lindsey's best friend Becky was getting married August 24th of this year. Lindsey is in the wedding party and of course arrangements are being made and they're picking our dresses and all that wedding stuff.

Then, Lindsey and Justin find out they're going to have another child, and it's due September 6th. That's pretty close to the wedding date! Then, add in the fact that they live in Nova Scotia, and the wedding will take place in Ottawa, 1,500 kms (930 miles) away.

So, they designed Lindsey's bridesmaid dress with an extra panel so that it could be removed if she had the baby early. Neat!

Lindsey, Justin, and Cameron did the drive a week ago, and with no problems. The wedding took place on Saturday night, and despite lots of dancing, Lindsey is still pregnant and everything is fine.

Can you tell which one is our daughter Lindsey?

Too funny. I'll bet this bunch had a lot of laughs Saturday night. The guy carrying Lindsey is just practicing...his wife is pregnant as well, but only a little bit!

They're in Ottawa another few days yet and they'll drive back to Nova Scotia next weekend. Hopefully our new grandchild will be born there and not somewhere along the way!


  1. How adorable - she looks great - can't wait to see if Cameron gets a brother or sister!

  2. what a lovely wedding!! and Lindsey is beautiful!!!

  3. Great to meet you this weekend.

  4. Um, wait. Which one is Lindsay again? *snort*

  5. She looked lovely in that dress! Now, she needs to make it back home!

  6. What a great header photo! We thought it looked like Jordan but it's Canada! Wow! Another place is added to the list of where to visit when we get there.

    What beautiful photos-I love them. And how wonderful about your daughter. Congratulations to you all.

    Sft x

  7. Such a lovely memory when all is done; but a little nervous-making this week! I wish them and you all good things for this next little addition. Congratulations, Gram and Grandpa.

    Love the photos .... modern fun brides and grooms.

  8. Those are great wedding pictures. What fun they must have had. Your daughter is certainly a true friend to drive 930 miles within 3 weeks of having a second baby to be in a friend's wedding. That's a LONG way to go. Hope it wasn't just for the day. :-)) Or even the week-end.

  9. Nice wedding pictures, and Lindsay is getting there real soon.
    Nice you had a peaceful weekend at camp.

  10. Too funny!!! That was some serious wedding planning. :c)


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