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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quiet hours 11:00pm to 7:00am

What's so difficult to understand? Seems pretty self explanatory, yet this simple campground rule is the one biggest thorn in my side as a campground manager.

Part of the problem is that there is no hard and firm description of the word "quiet".

Because quiet does not necessarily mean silent. Although it could. Apparently there are different levels of quiet. You could think you are being quiet, but your neighbor would like you to be a little more quiet. "More quiet".

One guy started swearing at me and calling me names when I asked him and his group to keep their voices down. This was the second time. The first night, they just stared at me. I said thanks and walked away. The second night, he got abusive and I told him he was out the next morning. He ended up staying, but only because I felt sorry for his wife and kids who were on their family vacation. Not their fault the old man is a moron.

The problem of course is that I'm not allowed to kick anybody out at night. Because they've been drinking, it would be my fault if I was to send them out on the road half in the bag and they killed themselves, or worse, somebody else. Yep, thanks to all you lawyers, my fault. So all you can do is ask them nicely, and 95% of people meekly say "oh sorry, we'll try and keep it down".

And of course this is all happening at 11:15 or 11:30 at night. Then, if there are any that I'm worried about, I have to stay up another half hour to wander around again and make sure they have called it a night.

So this past long weekend I had four nights in a row where I was up until past midnight. Tried to grab a quick nap during the afternoon each day. Even a half hour seemed to help.

Of course sometimes problems go on even after we've gone to bed. Last night for example, two sites right beside each other where one site stayed up pretty much all night long. I checked with the neighbors all around that area and nobody heard a thing. "Nope" they said, "Things were pretty quiet."

But apparently not quiet enough when you are parked only five feet away. One of the things we can't stand about a lot of campgrounds and RV parks. We've got some well spaced sites here, but others are too close together for our liking.

One of the most common excuses? "Oh, sorry, we didn't know".

So you figured that you could just make as much noise as you like, even though the person parked right beside you has obviously gone to bed. Or tried to. Even if there were no official quiet hours, some people have no respect.

Anyhow, for the people who don't read the pamphlet that we hand them when they check in, I have now made our large sign board (which they can't miss) read "Park quiet hours 11:00pm".

We'll see if that helps.

Another pretty Saskatchewan sunset.


  1. Lovely header!!!

    Great idea with the sign. We have heard people use the same excuse about not knowing. WHAT? Is this your first time camping?

  2. "All the tea in China." That's the first thought that popped into my head about being a Campground Manager.
    Not on your life.
    So sorry if the wife married a moron. Maybe she needs to rethink that whole arrangement.

  3. That's why I don't like public campgrounds. People have no common sense.

    This must be the toughest part of the job plus not getting any sleep.

  4. I don't think the sign will help. These people just do not know the meaning of the word courtesy. But at least they can't use that excuse anymore.

  5. No respect is the thing people forget!!!

  6. You briefly touched on the source of the problem: drinking. Drinking and public disruption go hand in hand. This is why parks that ban alcohol are becoming more and more popular. Because the consensus is, if you wanna drink and be a nuisance, head next door to the Arctic Circle and do it there!

  7. hope the sign works..we are on those campers who go to bed early and are always glad when the neighbours are either quiet or do the same. We haven't had too many problems in recent years but whose to say it won't happen again! good luck with your campers, sure hope there is no morons among them this weekend!

  8. Yes, drinking and campsites don't mix! I'd be happy if all the liquor companies went out of business - no such luck! As Manager, you're very polite, Kevin, and it must be hard at times to maintain your cool. It's tempting to really give those drunks "what for" but then, what good would it do? They'd never remember it the next day!
    I'm sorry, but I believe that anybody who stays married to a drunken moron has to consider him or herself a moron too!
    I guess my advice is to take a few minutes to meditate about your fantastic upcoming adventure in Namibia. Guys like the moron won't ever have your great life!

  9. Here in Manitoba a lot (or all?) of the Provincial campgrounds have a ban on liquor for the first long weekend of the year - just too many problems. One of the campgrounds close to the city have even switched a few bays to no liquor all season. That being said, I enjoy a few drinks and staying up late watching the stars BUT I can do that over a nice fire and quiet conversation well after midnight without disturbing anybody. With common sense it is possible!

  10. Sometimes those who want to get up at 0-dark-thirty are just as big of a problem. They think that because they are up....the rest of the world should be up too.

  11. Sure wish you were our camp host. No one ever comes around checking. Not sure they even do anything if you report it in the morning. You guys ate THE PERFECTcamp hosts

  12. Foam ear-plugs are your best camping item...never leave home without them. I am a very light sleeper, so just about everything wakes me up without them. The soft foam ones are the best, don't cost a fortune, and if kept clean, last quite a while. The bulk packs are found just about anywhere. When I put them in, and you could set off fireworks and party all night long...I hear nadda, zip..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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