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Friday, August 9, 2013

The strange things you see...

Yesterday was my day to head in to the thriving metropolis of Prince Albert (pop 35,000). Ruth goes in to do the grocery shopping on Wednesdays, and I go in on Thursdays. I usually go if there's anything that needs to be picked up for the campground and to fill the camp truck up with fuel. Plus, it simply gets me out of here for a few hours!

Like many cities this size, there's a shopping area that now contains all the big box stores like Walmart. Three or four blocks of stores and their parking lots.

So I had gone in to Walmart to check pricing on those Epipens for bee sting allergies. They're $109 there. The ones there don't expire until the end of 2014 so at least I'd get two summers out of it. If I don't have to use it that is!

I was getting a little hungry and decided to stop in at Subway and pick up a half a sub as a bit of a treat. I parked the truck a fair bit from the store, opened the windows, and sat and ate my snack.

So I'm munching away and I see in the distance something moving through some parked cars. At first I thought it was a cat. But the ears were far too long for that and I quickly saw that it was actually a rabbit. Heading my way.

I had the camera with me and quickly got ready to try and get a shot of this funny rabbit. He was moving pretty quickly, but as soon as he got beside me he put the brakes on! And sat down.

Maybe he smelled the lettuce in my sandwhich?!

So here I am in this busy Walmart parking lot with a white-tailed jackrabbit watching me eat my lunch. Too strange! I looked it up later, and it is indeed a white-tailed jackrabbit. I knew by the description... "a nocturnal creature who hides during daylight hours". Too funny.

What do you think of my wildlife photography skills? Practicing for Africa!!

He sat there for a good 30 seconds or so. And then ran away as quickly as he showed up. The strange things you see!

Meanwhile, back at the campground, people were packing up. Yesterday was one of those odd days where a lot of people left, but nobody was coming in until today. So we were actually pretty empty last night but we had a lot of trash to pick up. There's a family reunion group who has rented out our entire overflow camping area and set up a huge tent as well. They'll be easy to look after though...they police themselves so I don't need to worry about quiet hours, and I only have to keep them supplied with two stacks of wood so I don't need to check each site individually. But the lower campground is looking pretty busy and it's supposed to be a nice weekend overall, even though it's spitting with rain as I write this.

Ruth made a delicious roast chicken dinner with all the fixings last night. She works hard all day and still manages to keep us well fed!

Had to try out the new camera on the "food" setting. What do you think?

Another gorgeous sunset last night.

The end!!


  1. A rabbit is sure better than meeting a stray moose in a parking lot. ;)

    1. We would love to see a stray moose in a parking lot.

  2. Are you sure that wasn't a Jackalope?

    1. Lol, that's what I said to Kevin when he showed me the picture.

  3. Ruth enjoys cooking because her food is so good you can't help but compliment her. Sure looks good! I'm thinking of a curry dish now.

    Why are people such pigs that they have to litter. Geez, the U.S. started in 1953 and people still don't get it. Sorry you have to pick up after slobs.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Chris, and I am going to be making a curry in the coming week.

      It actually wasn't too bad, they did make lots of trash but most of it was bagged up. My biggest beef are cigarette butts, bread bag clips and the plastic cellophane covers for the little straws on the small juice boxes. We are constantly picking these up all over the place.

  4. I'm happy to know you're shopping for an Epi-pen kit; after my diatribe I thought you may just rebel, period. Seriously, it's a very sane idea.
    I love the jackrabbit; he wanted to be remembered and with your photographic skills he is.
    Glad you got a little down time and that Ruth, too, had some time to do what she obviously does VERY well - prepares not only delicious, but beautiful dinners.
    I made a carrot cake for Bob and Judy this afternoon and we all enjoyed a piece after dinner tonight. Got many errands completed today and it looks like I'll be able to leave on Sunday. Yippee.
    Happy weekend to you both. Hope people are all more thoughtful with their noise and litter this weekend.

    1. Kevin has been looking but he hasn't bought one yet! I don't know if if call going into town for shopping as down time but it does get us out of the campground for a few hours and it is a pleasant break.

      We are excited for you Mary-Pat, I know that you will enjoy your new adventure.

  5. Hmm... 'Rabid Rabbit'...that could be a song - to the tune of 'Rockin' Robin'

    1. Let us hear it when you have the song written and recorded!

    2. Could be to the tune of Rockin' Robin.
      All the people in the Wal-Mart lot
      Come to see Rabid Rabbit
      Doin' the hop

      Rabid Rabit, Rabid Rabit

    3. Lol, love it Rebecca! It could be the next hit song.

  6. Nice Rabbit shot, love playing with a new camera, get some great shots.

    1. Yes, Kevin is enjoying the new camera and is trying out lots of the different settings. Looking forward to seeing the pictures we capture in Africa.


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