Rideau River near Manotick (Ottawa), Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hike with a view

We started out yesterday with a plan to drive around the lake, and then hike up to the place where some of the hang gliders take off from. The map looked like you could drive around, but it turned out the road was more suitable for horses!

On the other side of the dam, there was a dirt road. It started off okay, but soon became pretty rough. Even so, what do we come across? A Coca-Cola delivery truck!

Follow that coke truck!

We figured if the coke truck makes it's way through here, it must lead somewhere. Soon enough, the coke truck pulled into a clearing around the bend and wanted to turn around. We managed to squeeze by him and carried on a bit further.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

Well it soon became evident that we weren't going much further. The road got even worse and even though it did continue, I decided the little blue car had had enough adventure the day before! So we found a spot to turn around. 

There was some nice views of the lake though.

The coke truck will apparently deliver anywhere. Mexicans love their coca-cola!

We passed the coke truck again while he was delivering to a tiny store. Then we got stuck behind this guy. They even have garbage pickup on this little dirt road. That would never happen on a road like this in Canada!

Anyway, we didn't get very far and now we had to go back the way we came. All the way through to the other side of town to get to the road on the other side of Monte Alto State Park. The park has a high point where they have built a launching platform for hang gliders etc. Chago had driven us up there a couple of years ago, but this time we wanted to hike up. 

The road up to the top has been improved, and the little blue car could have made it. But we parked at a garden center at the bottom and walked up.

Still a little rough in sections!

Mexico has a lot of state and national parks, but they are not as developed as they are in the rest of North America. They're also a lot cheaper! Entrance fee to this one was 10 pesos (80 cents) each. They've made some changes since the last time we were here and trails were better marked and they even have a recycling bin at the top!

Even an aluminum can crusher attached!

We even saw a sign advertising the website for the state parks. This one is just for the Mexico State state parks... http://edomexico.gob.mx/cepanaf/parques/home.html There is camping allowed at a lot of them, and you would probably be welcome to use your motorhome or camper...the problem would be the access roads are probably not RV friendly. They are more designed for tent campers.

We came around the bend to the fantastic view at the top...

Ruth, admiring the view of Lago Avandaro and Valle de Bravo.

Too funny!


The trail back down.

Today, we're going to visit a town about 30 kms (19 miles) away that was built in the 1940's to accommodate the people who's town was flooded due to the building of a hydroelectric dam in 1945. Supposed to be pretty neat because the original church steeple is still visible above the water line!


  1. Another fun day out exploring on the back roads.

  2. You are right about the love of Coke but even this seems a bit much.

  3. I'm just amazed, coke (poor Pepsi) and garbage trucks out on that road. Too funny. I'd have been tempted to drive as far as I could and park TLBC and walk on just to see where it went. Love those jumping pictures.

    1. I felt that the road continued but Kevin wasn't so sure. After getting back to the apartment and looking on Google maps once again it did indeed continue on but just not sure what shape the road was in. Something for us to check out next time we are in the area.

  4. Great header picture, even with Ruth's feet on the ground. :c)

  5. LOVE the pics... what fun you guys had there. Especially loved the ones of you jumping.
    Have fun & Travel safe

    1. Not as easy as it looks to jump up high and have the picture turn out. It took a few tries and that was the best we had. We will have to practice at it some more, or at least I will have too.

  6. What? State and national parks in Mexico? I don't believe it! ;)

    1. Go figure! We love the prices of them here too and the fact that they aren't all manicured. They keep them fairly basic which is what we like.


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