Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What happened to yesterday?

Monday just seems to have disappeared. We didn't do much of anything, yet the day just flew by! We did manage to go out and get some groceries and we stocked up on some beverages for our time here. Speaking of which...

The deal of the day goes to a 1.75 litre bottle of rum for 99 pesos ($7.92). I looked it up, and this bottle of rum sells for $53.95 at the government run monopoly liquor store in Ontario, Canada.

It's a good day!

Driving into Valle de Bravo, there is only one two lane road from here and it gets busier the closer you get to town. It's just a line of cars moving slowly for at least a mile or so, and it's like that pretty much all day long. Yesterday, traffic came to a stop when we heard a huge bang. Sounded like an explosion, and we saw a cloud of dust rise about 20 cars ahead of us. Couldn't see what caused it, but people even got out of their cars to try and get a better look because it was such a loud bang. Traffic began moving pretty quickly though and it turned out that a tire had popped on one of those little ATV vehicles. There were bits of rubber all over the road and the guys had pushed their ATV off to the side of the road. Surprised if they have any hearing left...what a noise!

Did our groceries and came back to do some internet research about a summer job. While I was doing that, Ruth called from the balcony..."hey, we've got visitors...".

These four wandered up to chew on Chago's grass. 

We only have a single burner camp stove to make meals, but Ruth is pretty inventive with figuring out decent meals even with the lack of an equipped kitchen. Yesterday, she made chicken stir fry and rice...best meal we've had in a week!

Cooking for two with a single burner camp stove.

The only drawback to this location is that we're close to the water and there are a few mosquitoes about around the dinner hour. No problem, we moved our table indoors with our fold up lawn chairs and enjoyed our meal.

The sky from our balcony while Ruth was cooking.

Today, we're going to do some exploring. We're going to drive over to the dam that created this lake and then the village of Colorines. 


  1. Hey Kevin, do you by any chance, love Mexico? Tee hee. Have fun.

  2. Pick us up a few bottles of that rum and mail it here. What an outstanding price.

  3. I lost a Tuesday one time, I know it was there in the morning but that night it was gone, even looked in the computer bag next to the table to see if it was in there, Nope , never have found it.Hey nice digs and it look like if you have a pail you can get free milk .Be safe out there. Sam & Donna......

  4. A home cooked meal, for the most part, will beat any restaurant meal, hands down. I can only think of a couple exceptions, but for anything like that, you'd pay more than your two weeks rent!

  5. I see the boats, but where's the water?

  6. Kevin...your the best!
    Another post on cheap booze....I luv it

  7. Yo ho ho and a bottle of ginormous savings!

  8. Good score on the ard' stuff there boyo. I was checking prices on cerveza and cigarros ...I went a to one store and they wanted 18 pesos per beer (Modelo Negra), so I went to another store and bought Bohemia Obsura for 12 pesos a beer and a packet of non contrabando cigarros ;-) Delicados 14 cigs for 20 pesos. Derek.

  9. I feel that way all the time - where did yesterday go. Way to go on the cooking Ruth.

  10. The days do just fly by no matter what we are doing, enjoy every one to the fullest.


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