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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The beach is nice, but...

We've been in Mexico for almost two and a half months now and haven't seen the ocean yet. That's okay, we're heading there next week. A lot of people come to Mexico strictly to spend their winter on the beach. I guess that's what they want, but we think that they are missing the best of what Mexico has to offer.

Any of our regular readers will understand what I mean because we've been showing you a lot of what there is to see inland. And we're not done...in fact, even though this is our fifth winter exploring Mexico, there are many beautiful places we haven't been yet!

For example, we heard back with a positive confirmation from a couchsurfing host in the city of Taxco. We were going to head straight to Acapulco from here, but it's a long days drive. So we're going to break it up with an overnight visit to Taxco. This is a place that's not really motorhome friendly, so although we've been close to Taxco before when we had Sherman with us, we bypassed it and didn't stop in. This time, we have the little blue car!

(A) Valle de Bravo (B) Taxco (C) Acapulco

You'll have to wait until next Tuesday to find out why Taxco is such a special place!

Yesterday, we had a planned to make hamburguesas a la leña (hamburgers cooked over wood) for Chago and family. So we got everything all set up, and I started the grill!

There's no cooking with gas here! Hamburgers will be cooked over wood coals!

Ruth prepared the fixings.

But then Chago came down and said that he forgot that today was the day and the kids had a school thing they had to be at. He apologized profusely, and we set another time for 6:00pm today! No worries, we put everything in the fridge and I will start another fire around 5:30pm this afternoon. 

We've got a kayak booked for 9:00am this morning, so we're off for a paddle around the lake. There's not a cloud in the sky and the water is calm!


  1. We so agree with your post Kevin! We LOVE the beach but we LOVE ensconcing ourselves in the real Mexico in the interior!

    Sad that you talk to Canadians and Americans down on the beach and they haven't even heard of the inland areas we talk about.

    I'm glad that our blogs - and our mutal friends - can educate.

  2. I, for one, am glad you're inland. I've seen a lot of pictures of the coast but you guys are showing me a whole new world. Love it.

  3. Kevin, any idea what the water temperature is? Is the lake something one could swim in?

    1. Not sure what the temperature of the water is but it isn't freezing cold. We did see people waterskiing in it last week. Yes, you could swim in it but there is lots of green algae stuff in the water.

  4. You two are the the energizer bunnies!!! I'm 10 years younger and I'm not sure I could keep up with you guys. Love your blog.


    1. We like to keep busy and enjoy as much as we can. Some day we may not have that chance again so we don't want to waste this time.

  5. As you know we also love the beach and we have been over quite a lot of Mexico including the interior, however when we only have limited time we feel the need to do what is most important for us, stay on the beach. One day when we are retired and more flexible from a variety of obligations we will resume our exploration of Mexico. Meanwhile my soul needs the ocean.

  6. We agree with you as well, did explore some great inland places while in Mexico, even thou the beach is nice, we found that after a while its not as special anymore, there is so much more to see.

  7. Hope kayaking went well and will await the hamburger report. Mexico sounds like a special place having followed your previous posts.

  8. I like both the inland and the beach and thus require a dose of both...


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