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Friday, January 25, 2013

Acapulco to Playa Ventura

Sorry for the delay in today's post. Our cellular stick wasn't picking up a very good signal, so when we left this morning, we just decided to wait until this evening. Now that we're at Puerto Escondido, we're connected but it's very slow. There won't be much in the way of pictures if it doesn't improve!

So we had left Acapulco Thursday morning and headed south around the city. We had Dave and Bonnie following us in their VW camper van. We had done the route around Acapulco a few times and didn't mind leading Dave and Bonnie who had never done it before. It's not bad, but there is one goofy turn and it just happened to be under construction right now as well. So we had to do a u-turn in the middle of a busy road. Not sure what we would have done if Sherman was with us!

It's about a three hour drive from the north side of Acapulco all the way to Playa Ventura. But it's only about 175 kms (110 miles). There are lots of topes and small towns and it's pretty slow going.

We made it there with no problems and got set up. Had a nap in the hammock in the afternoon, and then took Dave and Bonnie with us into the small village and bought a few supplies. We were running low on cash and there's no bank machines in that town, but we knew (or at least assumed) that the place we were staying was the same 30 pesos each that it had been the last few years that we had been there.

Pretty comfy spot to waste the day away!

Camping spot with a swimming pool.

Beautiful spot when we've been here with the motorhome. But with a tent, as soon as the sun went down, the sand fleas came out. Couldn't enjoyably sit outside, so we retreated to the tent and played some backgammon. Retired early but they have a bit of a yappy dog there now and we decided to make it only a one night stay instead of two.

In the morning, Dave and Bonnie were getting ready to leave, and we were not far behind them. Went to pay and the guy said the price went up. To 60 pesos per person. Huh? That's double what we've paid here before. He says that it was 50 pesos per person last year, but I know that when we were there a year ago we paid 100 pesos per night and that's when Lindsey and Cameron were with us. I said that 60 was too much and he accepted 50. But it left a sour taste in my mouth. One of the attractions of the place was the cheap price for what you were getting. No way are we paying 120 pesos per night for tent camping. 

So we headed out just before 9:00am....destination, Puerto Escondido!


  1. That is too bad. I really liked staying there as well.

  2. Too bad about the price gouging, guess you won't be back there.

    1. Yes, we will have too look at other spots along that strip next time, it makes for a nice stopping spot for a few days. We did see one other stop along the main road that would split up the drive and would do for a free overnight spot next time though.

  3. I agree way too many pesos for that place.

    1. I think the top price we would pay for camping on the beach would be 100 pesos, no more.


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