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Monday, November 5, 2012

The strange things you see on a hike!

We haven't gone for a good hike for quite a while, so Chris and Juan took us to the nearby La Estanzuela State Park yesterday. But first, we had to have a good breakfast. Ruth made some of her good maiz flour pancakes, and we had a tin of real Canadian maple syrup to use with them. That, and a couple of slices of bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice made for a great start to the day!

We had actually done some coffee and computer time and didn't really have breakfast until after 10:00am. Oh well, we weren't on any kind of time schedule.

Chris, Ruth, Juan, and Kevin

Chris and Juan's casa.

The backyard. I gave the little blue car a cleanup while Ruth did some laundry.

There are a lot of state parks in Mexico, but they normally aren't as manicured as the state or provincial parks north of the border. The one we went to yesterday actually became a state park way back in 1909, well before most of the U.S. had a state park system. Interesting.

This park actually does have a man made walking path that goes for 3 kms (1.8 miles).

We weren't really planning on going for a "hike", so we only had our sandals on. But at the end of the man made path was a trail that goes to a waterfall. The trail was actually pretty rough and we should have had more than just sandals on, but we wanted to see the waterfall. Hey, if there's a cave, a waterfall, or a great view, it's pretty tough for us to say no to a hike!

We stopped a couple of girls to take our photo. They did a good job!

Lots of different butterflies in the hills here.

An hour and fifteen minutes into it, we are getting some great views.

And then, we could hear the waterfall so we knew we were getting close. There had actually been quite a few people on the trail, and as we rounded the bed and the waterfall came into view there were more people. And this...

What some people will do for wedding photos! 

This girl was in the freezing cold water in the pool below the falls. We're assuming the wedding had already taken place because you wouldn't think all this water would be any good for her dress! Strange.

Juan at the top of the falls. Not a great volume of water, but it was a pretty spot anyhow.

Ruth, still playing like a little kid!

Not sure how far we hiked, but we were gone for a little over three hours. Felt good to get out and get some fresh air and some good exercise. Came back and did some grocery shopping so that Ruth could make a curry for tonights dinner, and I made an Italian penne pasta dish for us all last night. Delicious, even if I do say so myself! 

We're enjoying relaxing here and so we're going to stay one more night! 


  1. Quite the change in scenery from a couple months ago!
    I guess that wedding dress was only intended for one use? I would think the water would do a bit of a number on it. I'm afraid I don't quite get it.

    That other girl better be careful she doesn't fall off that log.

    1. Yes, definitely a change in the scenery, not quite so green!

      We don't quite get the wedding dress thing either Bob. I am hoping that these photos were taken after the dress was used in the wedding. I don't think it would be in good shape after being in the water like that.

  2. Glad you are having fun with the boys! That is why Colin does not do wedding photography!

  3. Funny to run into you all over the web! Someday with beer in hand, probably this winter!

    Was looking around and found this on "The Truth About Mexico." Some great looking Mexican food - if this is against your rules don't hesitate to delete!


    1. Keep track of us and let us know if we will be in your area and then we can make arrangements to meet up with you. I know Kevin would have a nice cold beer waiting for you.

      Thanks for the link, the food looks delicious.

  4. Since we have been reading your blog, we have heard you speaking fondly of Chris & Juan, often. We feel like we already know them! Hopefully, they will make their way down to HC this winter!?

    1. They are going to be at Hacienda Contreras for the month of December, not sure how long they will stay after that. I know you would enjoy them too!

  5. More great scenery and fun day and awesome sounding meals as well.


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