The village of Ducaj near Boge, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Tirana Airport, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Porto, Portugal on June 25th!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend happenings

Saturday was market day, and we went back to the same vendor that we always go to for our weeks supply of fruits and veggies. This week's order came to 110 pesos ($8.80).

But it was funny because they keep handing you different fruits to eat while you're shopping!

Not the greatest picture, but with a chunk of watermelon in one hand and a half a mandarine orange in the other, how are you supposed to do your shopping?!

Then it was off to the butcher.

They make the ground beef fresh for you. They take one of those hunks of beef off the hook and cut off the amount of weight that you want then trim all the fat off of it and put it through the grinder. Super lean ground beef makes for great hamburgers!

Sunday was a beautiful day, and after our 5 km (3 mile) power walk and exercise routine we did some work. I finished washing the six months worth of grime that was on Sherman. Hey, we've only been here just over two weeks, so I didn't want to get it done all at once! Now it will be time to start doing a little bit of polishing. One small section at a time! Ruth did some laundry and fed the animals.

Here's Ruth feeding donkey some treats. He loves cantaloupe rinds!

Ruth watered some more plants and I did the trees. Bella the dog loves to ride around in the Mule while we water the trees! She's so funny. Even when you just go in to the garage to get the Mule out, she's already sitting in the passenger seat ready to go!

We fill that big black tank (called a "tinaco" in Spanish) with water and then drive around and water the trees.

The sun is shining once again, and we're off to do our morning exercises!


  1. Looks like Bella is a lab and now you gave a girlfriend for life, I think all labs love to ride, can't sy the word truck without Rigg's being at the door ready to go. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

    1. Yep, she's a lab and is only just a year old. She loves riding in the mule but she loves taking off after the birds more. We have to be careful because she chases them right over the stone wall.

  2. How nice that you are able to help out around the park, especially at this particular time. Love the photo of you and Bella.

    We don't eat meat but here on the Isla whether you buy ground round or filet mignon they charge the same per kilo!!

    1. We are also happy to be here to help out.

      Not sure is that is the case here with the meat, if it is we will have to buy some fillets!

  3. Bella is a beauty. Just catching up on your travels today while I have the luxury of decent wifi at the library. Always fun to see what you are up to.

    1. Bella is a beauty, a little dumb at times but she sure loves to run and play with Nico and she loves when someone makes a fuss of her.

  4. Looks like you have soon got back into your motorhome lifestyle, isn't it great to be able to buy stuff at the markets and cook it yourself, much easier than when you are backpacking.

    1. Yes, we totally agree with you. It's nice to have your own place but we enjoyed the backpacking too. We will do that again, just not for as long a time at one time.


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