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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Market day

Saturdays are market day in the nearby town of Valle de Juarez. So we went in and got our weekly supply of fruits and veggies, and we stopped at the carneceria (butcher) in the central plaza.

No pictures of that today, but we got our fruits and veggies for 100 pesos ($8.00), and then a kilo (2.2 lbs) of fresh ground beef and almost a kilo of pork loin for 143 pesos ($11.44). Then of course, we had to stop at Sal's cousin Chema's for a half kilo of meat and fixings for carnitas.

We love carnitas! Shredded pork, marinated veggies, and salsa on a fresh warm corn tortilla. I had four of them!

We get it all to go and then bring it back for lunch in the motorhome. There's always enough left for the next day's lunch as well as some meat left over for another dinner. All for 75 pesos ($6.00)!

Ruth had a busy afternoon. She watered all the plants and flowers here at Hacienda Contreras and it takes about an hour and a half. Now that rainy season is over the grass doesn't need to be cut, but the flowers and plants need water. We haven't seen any rain now since we were in Cincinnati on October 25. Probably won't see any rain until spring, but you never know. By the way, we never get tired of waking up to blue sky and sunshine every day!

Picture taken a few minutes ago. Dammit, another sunny day!

After watering all the plants, Ruth made some hamburger patties. Some in the freezer for later, and some for dinner. We invited Sal over to help us eat them. They were delicious!

Today, we're going to take the little blue car up into the mountains in front of the RV Park. We were on this road a couple of year ago with a 4x4, but I think the little blue car is up to the task. There are some beautiful views so hopefully we'll have some good pics for tomorrow's blog entry.


  1. Great grocery shopping totals... wow!

    Kinda cool to have an extra car to run around in, eh? We liked hauling our scooter around, but were limited to shorter trips because we have the dogs back waiting at the motorhome. Now with the Tracker, we can take the dogs along on the road trips if we want and take all day. (we took them from the Slabs into San Diego to see the ocean and back in one day)

    Karen and Steve
    (Old Blog Name) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard
    (New Blog Name) RVing: This Country Is Our Big Backyard

    1. Yes, it is kinda nice to have the little car around. Especially in this area as there are many places that we want to explore the but public transportation is harder to get and less frequent than in many other areas of Mexico.

  2. Another great day, shopping for good food deals, gotta love it!

  3. oh we feel your pain that you have to endure yet another sunny day!! enjoy!!

  4. Those carnitas look delish! The little blue car looks so at home beside Sherman. You have a nice little site there - enjoy!

    1. Those carnitas were delicious! We love our site and this park, definitely one of our favourites.


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