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Friday, October 5, 2012

Wandering around Reykjavik

I know you've already seen pics from our Elding whale watching tour but we had to tell you how the rest of our day went as well! We woke up to a mostly sunny sky, and it stayed that way pretty much all day. Temperature was a bit warmer, maybe 10C (50F), but still very windy.

So we went for a walk around Reykjavik, doing a self guided walking tour that Ruth found in a guide book.

Reykjavik bay.

Down on the waterfront is a modern looking building and we went inside just to have a look around. Turns out it's the Reykjavik concert hall and conference centre and it's a new building that held it's first concert on May 4, 2011.

The inside is pretty neat!

It would have been a little rough out there for these boats.

Maybe these boats would have done better.

This is a view from the lake on the other side of downtown.

We got checked out of our hotel, but they held our bags for us during our whale watching tour. Then when we returned from that, we walked over to the next hotel and got checked in there. We'll tell you more about that in another post. Did some computer work, and then decided on a dinner place. Ruth had read about some cheaper places and we found the menu of a Thai restaurant online. Looked like a good spot, and it was only a 10 minute walk away.


We ate at the Krua Thai restaurant, and we each had the same dish. This was a chicken panang curry dish and we both agreed that it was delicious! We had brought our own water so we didn't order anything to drink. On the menu this dish is listed as being 1,950 koronas ($16.00) each. Tax is included, and there is no tipping in Iceland. So our total bill was 3,900 ($32.00) for dinner.

Here's a view of the new concert hall and conference centre at dusk...

Okay, we're headed up for breakfast and then we might go swimming! Do you realize that we brought our swimsuits with us all through Czech Republic and Slovakia and never used them all summer. And now we decide to use them in Iceland in October! Too funny!

This afternoon we're doing a three hour "Grand Excursion" tour of Reykjavik with Reykjavik Excursions!


  1. A very interesting looking concert hall and yummy looking dinner too.

  2. Enjoy your swim!! Concert hall looked interesting especially at night.

    1. It was so "cool" to go swimming outside in chilly weather like that and still be so warm. It help having such a beautiful blue sky too!

  3. The convention/ concert hall is a wonderful piece of architecture.

  4. Wow that convention hall in incredible. Looks too cold in Iceland for swimming to me. Brrr, but it certainly has beauty.


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