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Sunday, October 7, 2012

CenterHotel Plaza

We made our way over to the CenterHotel Plaza on Friday evening. Due to the timing of our tours, we weren't able to spend much time in the hotel...just sleeping and a quick breakfast in the morning.

This is the largest of the CenterHotels group of five hotels in downtown Reykjavik. It has 180 rooms and it's located (as the name suggests) right in the plaza of downtown. The rooms are large and the view over the plaza is bustling with activity.

The view out our window at CenterHotel Plaza Reykjavik.

Once again, the bed and pillows were sooo comfy! They must have shopped at the same mattress supplier for all of the hotels because we have slept so well at all three CenterHotels that we have been to so far.

Our room.

Breakfast is done in a large room in the basement. It's a much bigger spread, as it has to be when you have 180 rooms and you're supplying everybody with breakfast as part of your room rate.

Breakfast is served 7am to 10am and even at 7:15am it was busy down there.

Breakfast was great, lots of selection and once again with real orange juice. Fresh fruit and cereals and eggs and bacon. Great way to start your day!

The lobby of the CenterHotel Plaza.

CenterHotel Plaza rates are between €75 and €100 ($94 to $125) per night if you book in advance. This is pretty reasonable for downtown Reykjavik, and once again there is added value because of the great breakfast.

We had no complaints with our visit to CenterHotel Plaza. If we had to think of a downside, it might be that it can be fairly busy at the plaza itself so you might get some outside noise on weekends. We had no issues though.


  1. Reckon a good nights sleep is worth its weight in gold so a hotel with good mattresses and pillows is brilliant.

  2. Have you had the chance to talk to any of the locals about their everyday lives? It would be interesting to see what they think of their home, salaries, government, etc.

    1. We have talked to a few people but not really about their everyday lives. The guides on our two tours have given us more info and we will probably touch more on that in another post next week when we have had a couple of days to relax again. This has been hard work, trying to keep everyone informed on the hotels, tours and all the photos of Iceland. It's work that we enjoy though.

  3. Looks like a wonderful area to visit, glad you enjoying the luxury there.

  4. Very modern looking - love the convenience to the downtown areas - looks clean and safe, too. I'm sad though because you are soon leaving Iceland and "our" trip is coming to an end. Thanks for sharing with us! Enjoy spending time with your family and enjoy that grandbaby!!!

    1. I am sure that we will have a post or two more on Iceland when we are back in Canada. There are so many photos and things that we can touch on even back in there. We are looking forward to seeing Cameron and our daughter and her husband and spending some time with them.

  5. I've noticed everything looked so clean as well, was it like that everywhere there?
    You have to hand it to the Scandinavians, they always have a very large meal at breakfast or so I was told by my mother who visited her family in Sweden many years ago. Meat platters, fish, eggs, fresh juice was the norm.
    I know what you mean when you say it's hard to keep everyone up to date with the travels and pictures. I was exhausted in France. However, I know how everyone loves to see what you are seeing and family certainly like to know how you are doing.

    1. For the most part, yes everything is pretty clean but we did notice a big problem with graffiti in parts of Reykjavík and there is also broken glass that is left by drinkers which are more than likely tourists which is a bit of a shame. In general though the Icelandic people are very much into nature and want to have their country left in a pristine state.

      We never left the breakfast table hungry!


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