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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fantastic Cruise Deal

Just happened across this fantastic deal and thought I would mention it just in case anybody can take advantage. There are thousands of Canadians who go to Florida for the winter and I'm sure many of them fly. Here's a great way to get down there a little differently...

$499 per person (plus taxes, I'm sure) for a 16 day cruise from Quebec City to Tampa, Florida. That's a great deal ($31 per person per day) considering it includes meals. The "Norwegian Dawn" departs next Friday, October 26th.

Yesterday we went into Ottawa and visited with my Mom for a while. Then, we went to pick up a bunch of bulk food groceries for Ruth so that she has gluten free flours for baking while we're in Mexico. After that, we went downtown to pick up our son and bring him back with us to his grandpa's up here in Galetta so that he can visit with us during his day off.

He was playing in a tennis tournament that got delayed a bit, so Ruth and I took the opportunity to wander around downtown Ottawa after dark.

Neat looking statue.

Ruth, with the new monument to Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

Giant spider sculpture outside the National Gallery. Canadian taxpayers paid $3.2M for this piece of "art".

Parliament Hill after dark.

It was late when we made it home, but we still managed to watch the end of the Cardinals vs Giants game. The Yankees are now done, so we now wait another game to see who will be playing Detroit in the World Series. Coincidentally, we will be in St. Louis at the start of the World Series, so I'm rooting for St. Louis. Even if we don't make it to a game, it would be fun to just be at a downtown bar and participate in the festivities. I guess we'll see.


  1. I have recently discovered Oscar Petersen. Great Jazz.

  2. Not sure sure I would have approved the 3.2 million for that spider, but it was two thirds of their budget for that year, so I suppose they had to suck it up and cut corners elsewhere. Or at least they should have.
    It was kind of neat though to see another one of them when we went to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain a couple years ago. I *thought* I had seen one somewhere else. Had to look that one up. It's one of nine of these things she has sold all over the world.

    1. Thanks for that tidbit of information Bob! Isn't Goggle amazing. Not sure where we would be without it.

  3. Oscar Peterson really was a great one.

  4. pretty sweet deal on that cruise...

  5. hola. espero verlos pronto los esperamos en valle de bravo. saludos¡¡¡


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