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Friday, October 5, 2012

CenterHotel Arnarhvoll

Our second night in Reykjavik was spent at the CenterHotel Arnarvholl, a slightly more upscale hotel in the Reykjavik downtown area.

This hotel is right on the waterfront, and a lot of rooms face the water.

This is the  view from the 8th floor. Our room had the same view, but we were on the 3rd floor.

Check in was simple, and since we had already stayed at the CenterHotel Klopp, we simply had to sign the slip and we were given our key.

Our room had a bright and simple Scandanavian design.

And the bed and the pillows were so comfy!

This room was a deluxe double...slightly larger and with an beautiful view. It's a little more expensive than our stay at the CenterHotel Klopp, at €115 ($143.75) per night. A standard double room can be had for €90 ($112.00) per night. 

The CenterHotel Arnarvholl also has a classy restaurant on the 8th floor overlooking the water. A stunning view, and that's where the breakfast buffet takes place. Once again, breakfast is included in your room rate.

Lots of items, hot and cold in the breakfast buffet. Only complaint was that there was not any fresh orange juice. Having said that, we should have asked...perhaps they were making some in the back, or it was forgotten about. But while we were there, there was only a sugary orange drink. Other than that, breakfast was great!

CenterHotel Arnarvholl

No complaints with the room itself, and our interaction with staff was fine...friendly and helpful people. The view was great and the breakfast was substantial!

Tonight, we're off to the CenterHotel Plaza!

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  1. Looks like a pleasant place (both the hotel and the island) and way to spend a few days. I can certainly see a few of your readers deciding to stay someplace like that if the airfares work out on a trip across the pond in one direction or the other.


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