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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

1,300 bottles per minute!

We've been on brewery tours before, but the huge Anheuser Busch beer factory here in St. Louis is really something else. It's actually amazing how they can produce that much volume of product. One assembly line they have there produces 1,300 bottles per minute!

We had a good morning just shooting the breeze and having a great breakfast and too many coffees here at the Weeb Ranch with Sam and Donna. Then Sam and Donna took us over to the brewery. They had been many times before, so they sat and waited in the main lobby while we went off and did the tour.

Kevin and Ruth at the Anheuser Busch Tour Center.

First up on the tour was the famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses.

Do you think these ponies are well looked after??

Each of these huge tanks holds 3,600 barrels of beer!

How much is 3,600 barrels of beer? If you drank one beer an hour, or 24 beers per day, it would take you 120 years to finish the last drop! 

Pretty fancy stuff. It's obvious that there's no money in the beer business!

The clock tower.

On the corner of the packaging building, sits Renard the Fox. He was the mascot of the malt beverage "Bevo" that was brewed by Anhueser Busch during the prohibition between 1920-1933.

The main lobby at the bottling building is pretty fancy.

Pretty high tech stuff. Line #34 can pump out 1,300 twelve oz bottles per minute!

And then it was off to the tasting room!

Sam had a beer too.

And even a gluten free beer for Ruth!

Ruth, Sam, and Donna. We had gone to the train museum, but it closed in less than hour so we didn't go in.

Sam, Donna, Ruth, and Kevin.

Sam and Donna's hospitality was fantastic. We're always a little bit amazed by how everybody always looks after us so well, and we're so glad that we were able to stop in and say hi, even if for such a short time. Thanks guys...looking forward to seeing you in Mexico someday!


  1. We have made a couple of those brewery tours and they are fun, especially the last stop:)

  2. Replies
    1. I have heard of gluten free beer for a while now, I just have never tried it.

  3. Glad to see you were treated well by fellow RV'ers, heard Gluten free beer didn't taste so good, what was Ruth's thoughts?

    1. Sam and Donna were wonderful and made sure we were well looked after, couldn't ask for more. I had never tried gluten free beer before because I am not a beer drinker. I found it to be not bad, it certainly tasted like beer. Kevin had a taste of mine and he didn't care for it, thought it was a bit bitter.

  4. Hey Kevin, think you could polish off 1300 beers? aha ha ha. How many people would it take to drink 1300 beers in one minute... Sorry, a little slap happy here. Fly out tomorrow, wish things were ok and I didn't have to go, will miss welcoming you in. The hour changed here in Mexico Sun am, so remember that if you try to cross at Columbia, they dont open till 8am Mexico time, which is...?Texas time? Um. it's 5pm here and 6pm in Chicago, does that help?

    1. Barb, he could do it as long as he didn't have a time limit. He would need at least a year or more, heehee!

      We knew about the time change but probably wouldn't have thought about the border opening an hour later because of it, thanks for letting us know.

      Thinking of you Barb and sorry you aren't heading back to Chicago with better news. Keep us up to date with what's happening. Don't worry about Sal, I will feed him!

  5. it was you pleasure having you, welcome anytime at Camp Weeb . Safe travels

    1. Thank you so much Donna. You and Sam are just wonderful hosts. You two are welcome in Mexico anytime!

      Big hug to you, Donna!

  6. Those horses are not pampered. You park a car in a garage, not living creatures. Horses should be out on a field waking around, eating grass and enjoying life.

    1. Each horse is walked around for an hour each day by a trainer and then they are also put into a paddock where they stay for part of the day. They are also groomed for more than an hour every day and get lots of love and affection. All in all, I would say they do pretty well.


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