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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pumpkin People of Kentville

A nice fall day yesterday, but with a bit of a nip in the air. In fact, it felt colder here than when we were in Iceland! Mid October is definitely the time of year you want to be getting out of Canada if you don't like the cold. Winter is on it's way, and I heard from both my mother and my son yesterday that they had snow flurries in Ottawa yesterday morning!

We went for a little tour with Justin, Lindsey, and Cameron. They have a Harvest Festival in this area and one of the things they do is the Pumpkin People...

Entering the town of Kentville.

The pumpkin people are all over town!

Justin, Lindsey, and Cameron.

Riding on a pony!

Invasion of the pumpkin head people!

There is a new theme each year, and this year it's Pixar.

Then we went and picked up some fruits and veggies. We find it very odd that if you go to the big Atlantic Superstore that apples of all varieties cost between $1.49 and $1.99 per pound. This is ridiculously expensive for apples! Especially considering that most of them are grown right here in the Annapolis Valley. Some however are imported from other countries such as Chile. It doesn't make any sense to me. However, Lindsey knows of a place where you can buy delicious locally grown apples for only $0.88 a pound. Why would anybody pay $1.49 when they can pay $0.88?

Lindsey, buying some delicious Cortland apples for $0.88 a pound.

Still lots of fall colors in the trees here.

So today, we're heading for Ottawa. Not sure when you'll hear from us again, although we'll try and update our facebook fans whenever we have internet along the way. We're taking the VIA Rail train from Halifax to Ottawa and it leaves at noon today. Doesn't arrive in Ottawa until tomorrow at 6:00pm, and we'll be spending a few hours in downtown Montreal along the way.

We love travel days, so stay tuned!


  1. The apple thing reminds of the price of produce when we lived in Puerto Rico. I suppose it came in by ship, since it was sad looking and overpriced. Bananas were something like $.99 a pound, (and were from somewhere in South America, I don't remember) but out on the street corner, you could buy more bananas than you could eat (like a mit full of a dozen or so) for a BUCK!
    Too bad I wasn't making banana bread back then...

  2. Cute family photos - looks like Cameron was enjoying riding horseback! The pumpkin head people is a cute idea - our local high school did that this year, too. Well, here we go again - back on the road - our should I say rails. Enjoy!!!

    1. We think it is a great idea for attracting tourists in the fall. They are fun to look at.

  3. Replies
    1. Only on the Quebec City to Windsor corridor has WiFi on the trains, so our Halifax to Montreal train didn't have it but our Montreal to Ottawa will.

  4. Pumpkin people coming over the rise reminds me of the Walking Dead...very scary

  5. Love the pumpkin people. Cute idea.

  6. Love the pumpkin people, sounds odd hearing you talk about buying apples by the pound not kilo, thought at first they were cheap !

    1. Surprisingly enough, prices here are in Kilo's and pounds because there are still too many of us that remember prices in pounds.

  7. The pumpkin people really set the atmosphere for this time of year.

  8. Come stay here in the mountains near our house, apples are free.


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