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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Six days to go...

It is almost a good thing that we have had so much rain because although it has hampered our outdoor activities a bit, it has also allowed me to do lots of planning for our upcoming trip to Eastern Europe.

We have our couchsurfing hosts and accommodation lined up for the first week or so in Czech Republic, we've been learning a few words in Czech. And we've started researching things to do in Krakow, Poland and probably even some hiking in the National Parks of Slovakia.

Hoping to stay with a couchsurfing host couple in Poland who don't speak very much English. Their daughter, who speaks decent English, organized their profile. Haven't heard a response back yet, but if it comes together it ought to be interesting!

You might have noticed the "Follow @KevinandRuth" in the little blue box box above. This is the link to our new twitter account, something we thought we would never do. And, we're already a little late to the party with it, however better late than never. Still trying to figure it all out, but essentially it is a simple way to communicate and have your blog read by more people. If anybody wants to give us any tips as to how to make it all more effective for beginners, please share!

Been following quite a few other general travel blogs, and they are quite different from the RV'ers blogs we follow. First of all, it is a much younger group of people who run general travel blogs. RV'ers tend to be the over 55 crowd, and we were always among the youngest of the people we met while motorhoming around North America. But now, we are among the oldest of the people who run general travel blogs.

Have a look at this person's Top 100 list and visit a few of the links. There are some interesting people out there traveling the world...

Someday, I hope we can make the list!


  1. No help here on the twit end of things, even though I've been one for years.
    Afraid I don't tweet.

  2. no help here either...I didn't really like twitter...guess I have too much to say that won't fit in such a smallish area lol...enjoy folks...I'm sure enjoying your blogs

  3. I used twitter a couple of years ago but felt it was a duplicate of what I was putting on Facebook and I like Facebook better so I rarely use it now.

  4. to twit or not to twit!..or as my lovley husband would be a 'twit'.. :) twitting here..but it seems to be the way of the world, with some!

  5. I haven't succumbed to it yet either. I guess I feel I spend so much time on the computer already that it might just consume my life.


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