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Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, my aching muscles...

I am apparently not used to a hard days work. Or, this type of work is better suited to someone younger than me. Probably a combination of things. Either way, we did get a lot done yesterday. Just paying for it today, that's all!

Tony is doing some work on his daughter's new house. Actually, it's a very (1800's) old house that they just bought and it needed a LOT of work before it was liveable. So he's spending a couple of months doing renovations to make it so.

I did go give a hand one other day, helping install drywall on the ceilings. Yesterday the job was plastering concrete on the inside of the 18" thick stone walls. I did really well for the first few hours, but by 2:00pm I was running out of steam! These are some pics that Kelly's boyfriend Paul took with his iPhone.

Kevin and Kelly surveying the work so far.

It's coming along.

Me, hard at work. Notice the sun shining outside?

So here I was hard at work, on probably what was the best day of weather we've had since we got here. Actually went back home at 5:30pm or so and there was blue sky all around us! This morning has been back to cloudy and we've already had a sprinkle of rain again, but now the sun is shining again. Weather forecast: variable. Temperature is about 20C (68F).

We did enjoy a cold drink or two when we got home. 

Kevin, Ruth, Helen, and Tony. Oh, and Chester the dog!

Bought some nice steaks for dinner on the BBQ tonight. We normally would take Helen and Tony out for a meal towards the end of our stay with them, but this time we are making them a good home cooked meal in keeping with our philosophy about restaurants being too expensive for what you get. The steaks were £5.00 ($8.15) each, so they better be good. They sure look good! Will get some pictures of them cooking this evening. Mmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Three more sleeps until Czech Republic!


  1. Sore hands I would imagine.
    Been a long time since I've done any trowel work as well. I fear it's gonna hurt a bit when we get back home.
    Installing drywall overhead SUCKS. I don't care what shape you're in.

    1. Yes! It is my right hand that is the most sore. Legs are a little stiff as well. Oh, and shoulders. One side of my back

  2. Drywall anywhere is a job for the very you and fit. That was a very long work day, especially when the sun is shining and you want to be outside. Hope you enjoyed those steaks.

  3. hard work is good for the soul!..glad the two of you are still enjoying yourselves!

  4. Nice of you to help out on one of the most beautiful days of your stay. I know all about renovating an OLD house. We did one of ourselves and I know we would never do it again. Probably not even for our daughter. His daughter sure is lucky her father is willing to do so much hard work for her. Paying someone else is very expensive which is why we didn't do it either.

  5. butterbean carpenterJuly 20, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    I was raised in a construction family.. The name in German is 'room-maker' or Zimmermann, which when Anglicized is Carpenter, so I've a bit of knowledge of the trades!!! My father always said you couldn't work 'on your butt', so ,'stand up'!! which means ON YOUR FEET!!!
    It's true, you stain your back when you 'sit' and reach to work!!!
    When you get back to Mexico do something besides just hiking!!


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