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Monday, July 9, 2012

A surprisingly nice day!

There's been so much rain here that it's become kind of expected. It's pretty much a given that it's going to rain tomorrow. Even the forecast didn't show any sun. So when the clouds disappear, it's a nice surprise.

And disappear they did! Helen had invited her brother Clive and his family, as well as daughter Kelly and her Mum (Ruth's aunt Enid) over for dinner and a visit. She had originally planned on a BBQ, but the weather has not been BBQ weather so we planned on an indoor dinner.

And then the sun came out! And it stayed out pretty much all afternoon.

Went out for a walk. I had shorts on, and the girls wished they did!

It was nice to get some sun. We are starting to lose our tan!

Ruth, Helen, Enid, Kelly

We have happily accepted a two night couchsurfing stay with a host in Prague. And then we have another couple of nights with a different host 45 minutes east of Prague. So things are starting to come together. Interestingly, I've been on a few Czech campground websites and some of them will even rent you tents and sleeping bags, so that's another option that we may use if we come across it along the way.

We've learned five new Czech words...

yes - ano (sounds too close to "no"...this could be confusing!)
no - ne (sounds like "neh")
please - prosim (pro-seem)
thank you - děkuji (doesn't sound at all like it's spelled!)
beer - pivo (I know, should have learned this first!)


  1. *note about the delete* thing.
    I just took out a bit that was kind of irrelevant is all. Never mind.

    Here's what I should have said...

    Many "old" words, such as "bridge" (most) "beer" (pivo) "wine" (vino) "Street" (ulice), along with a host of others, are very similar among most, if not all of the Slavic bunch of languages.
    Once you sort out a bunch of those old roots (btw, root=kořen in Czech. koren in Slovenian, корень in Russian etc) it will be easier to try and figure things out.
    Well, in theory.
    By the way, the Russian word is pronounced exactly the same as the other two, the lettering is different is all. That thing that looks like a 'p' is an 'r'. Remember CCCP? (That was SSSR...Soyuz Sovietskich Sotzialistechkich Riespublik..) Not easy spelling that phonetically...but it stood for the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics'. I just had a flash back to the hockey series of '72.

    But I digress...

    The difficulty lies in the memory work, which makes it tougher to retain sh*t as one gets along in years.
    Speaking only for myself of course.
    Your mileage may vary.
    But hey, at least the alphabet *sort of* looks the same?
    Should be fun!

  2. At least you had a bit of sunshine and were able to go for a walk. And the family meal would have been fun. Looking forward to the journey to Prague with you. Travel safe.

  3. Life is good, eh!! Happy you are able to experience this adventure in your lives.

  4. butterbean carpenterJuly 18, 2012 at 4:24 PM

    Howdy R&K,
    The dogs look like they're enjoying the walk in the mud!!! We have towers like that, too, but we call'em silos!!!


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