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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nine mile hike in the rain

While much of Canada and the U.S. experiences summer, we here in England have been left behind. July the 6th felt like mid April! But that didn't stop us from going out for a nice hike at Burrington Combe.

When we set out just after 11:30am, the high for the day had already peaked earlier on at about 18C (65F). It continued lower for the rest of the day.

We drove about a half hour, parked the car, and started our walk at about noon. We actually weren't planning on a 9 mile (14.5 km) hike. We had a guide book with us, and on the one page it said the hike we were doing was 5.25 miles (8.5 km). But we didn't realize that the route we took included another longer section that was on the next page. Around the 3 mile mark, we realized that it was going to be a much longer walk than we thought we set out for.

It started out not bad. Tony and Helen were braving it with short sleeves.

Beautiful countryside 

Ruth says there's not enough pictures with me in them. Okay, here's one!

And another! Tony, Chester, Helen, and Kevin

Not quite to the half way point yet. This is just after 2:00pm.

But by 2:30pm it had started to drizzle. It was only going to get worse.

Mud. The second half of the hike we will get to see more of this!

Hmm. Not sure.

Every decent walk in Britain passes by a pub! We stopped in, but only to have coffee and tea.


And more mud.

And then the fog rolled in. At this time, it was getting close to 5:00pm and it was raining fairly steady. We figure the temperature was about 15C (59F).

Came across this funny fellow!

And these horses in the fog.

The last hour was like this! Rain, wind, mud, and cold.

When we got back to the car, we were drowned rats. All of us, including Chester the dog! Looking back on it, we really enjoyed the hike. It was only the last hour that it was tough going and wasn't really enjoyable. When we got in the car just after 6:00pm, the temperature said it was 13C (55F) and it was pouring with rain. Got back home and put the fire on in the living room!

Today is more of the same. Looking for a high of 15C (59F) and it is currently a steady rain out there. It will be an indoor day!

On another note, we officially did not win the Australia contest...

Thanks for all your votes and support! It will be a while before we do something like that again, but if you don't enter, you can't win! Although it dragged on for a while it was kinda fun to do it anyhow.


  1. Bummer on the trip, you guys sure deserved winning it for the effort that you put out, but don't despair I have always said Good things happen to good people and you guys qualify as Good people. You can always stop at the ranch on the way home southwest airlines flys out of Lambert Field here. so you can get a cheap flight to Texas and south .You sure are having a great time in sunny old England, too much mud for me though. Our ground is like concrete from all the heat and cracking. Be safe out there we all miss you. Sam & Donna..

  2. Sounds like a long wet hike, but you enjoyed it. I think you dropped of the hot Mexican weather in Ontario when you passed thru. Travel safe.

  3. Still following you two and enjoying each and everyday with ya!
    Agree - that contest was a bummer! Good things do come to those who wait!

  4. So sorry to hear you didn't win. I sure wanted to make that trip with you. But it's okay, because I'm having so much fun in England. Well, except for that mud. And the cold, rainy weather. I really don't like mud so I'm okay with staying home today. lol

  5. The fog looks neat, like a typical English movie. Didn't see any bogg people did ya?

  6. you may not have won the contest but what you are experiencing on your European vacation is winning enough!

  7. That looks and sounds like a hike I would really have enjoyed IF I had the proper mud shoes. I don't mind the rain at all and the sheep and horses and fog all look really wonderful.

    As for the Australia contest I don't get it. Either you have the most votes or you don't. Or is it that they take the top 4 or 5 and then choose whoevers little blurb they like the best. Wonder where the winner is from. Guess I'd stick with contests where the winner is a subjective not an objective decision.

  8. Calvin and BrendaJuly 7, 2012 at 11:16 AM

    The weather has been the same here, everyone has had enough of the cold and rain - having to light fires here to keep warm and dry. However, yesterday I think it warmed up to 22 and it never rained - first time in weeks.
    Makes for beautiful green scenery though doesn't it and wonderful pictures. Love the picture of the horses in the fog.
    Well I hope the weather changes for you!

  9. Stick around the UK long enough and you'll find 15C to feel like the high 20's back in North America. ;)

  10. Looks like an interesting hike and "typical" ? day in that part of the world? Great post!


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