St. Peter's Church in the village of West Lydford, England.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Keinton Mandeville, England.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Pogradec, Albania on October 2nd.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Has summer finally arrived in England?

We've had two days in a row of decent weather...and it looks like a third one is off to a good start this morning! So we're heading for the seaside today!

Yesterday morning I went and helped Tony do some more concrete work. We finished the last wall, and made it home around noon. And I came home to Helen, Ruth, and Chester outside sitting in the sun!

Chester, Ruth, and Helen enjoying a nice afternoon.

We were all invited over to Helen's brother Clive's house for BBQ yesterday afternoon, so we headed over there around 3:00pm. About a 45 minute drive to a village called Stourton Caundle. Some of the villages have funny names!

Sitting out at Clive and Lindsey's house.

Ruth's cousin Clive, with Kelly's boyfriend Paul.

The ladies (and Liam!) enjoying a laugh. Clockwise from left, Liam (Lucy's boyfriend), Emma, Ruth. Aunt Enid, Helen, Lindsey, Kelly, Lucy.

Kevin, Paul (inspecting the inside of his eyelids!), Paul's friend Matt, and Tony.

Ruth with her Aunt Enid and cousins Helen and Clive.

Everything is confirmed for our couchsurfing host in Prague, and she's even going to pick us up at the airport Monday evening. We are so excited to be visiting a new country. The next six weeks are going to be very interesting!

But for today, it's off to the seashore in the sunshine!


  1. Finally some nice weather, enjoy it while you can, have fun.

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all.
    Safe travels.

  3. Yeah those English have some really cute names for their towns for sure!
    I'm sure you are having lots of tea with milk!
    Looks like a great time for sure, nice to be able to visit with the family.


  4. Your last day in England, yes things are going to very different. New adventures ahead.

  5. Thanks to your relatives for taking good care of you - enjoyed all the things you did while visiting there - loved the countryside photos - it sure is beautiful there!

  6. Enjoy your final day in England. It seems a grand adventure awaits you!


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