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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Castle Cary

Yet another cloudy day yesterday, but it didn't start raining until the afternoon. Tony was going into the village of Castle Cary to get some new tires on his work van, so we followed along in the car just for something to do.

There's not much to see in Castle Cary, but it is still just a nice little Somerset village. You'd think there would be a castle there, but there isn't. Turns out there was a castle there, over 1,000 years ago but it is long since gone. In fact, they say that some of the older buildings in the village were built with the stones from the crumbling castle.

There are a couple of interesting sights though.

The market house. Originally built in 1855, now the site of the tourist office and the museum.

The museum has lots of interesting trinkets.

The round house (temporary prison). One of only four in the country. Built in 1779. Behind the old locked wooden door is another locked wooden door! 

Tony, breaking out of prison! They keep the keys at the butcher shop across from the round house and you are welcome to borrow the keys.

Just a lazy afternoon, and then in the evening we watched the movie "Inception". This was the second time Ruth and I had watched it, and we're glad we did because the first time it was too confusing! Actually enjoyed it more the second time around.

Not raining yet this morning, so we're off to do some exploring and maybe a hike. Hopefully we'll come back dry!


  1. "didn't start raining until the afternoon".
    It's not really funny, but I chuckled just the same.
    I can only imagine how different our life would have been had we decided to live in the Birmingham area. It was a choice at one point. In spite of any language issues, we chose the Netherlands.
    So glad I was able to avoid all those anti-depressant drugs.

  2. Sounds like and almost relaxing day. Enjoy.

  3. I can just picture people buying the wares at that market house. Such history.

  4. You can see why we Brits always talk about the weather.
    To quote from the Met Office blog.
    "Even though we are not even half way through the month of July, due to the persistent heavy rainfall, some areas have already seen more than 250% of their average July rainfall. The Isle of Portland, in Dorset, has seen the most rainfall, with 97 mm so far, way above its usual July average of 34.2 mm."
    This is after a wet April and June.
    With the Olympics looming we're praying for the jetstream to move northwards and give us a little sunshine and dry weather.
    I hope Czech Republic will be a little kinder weatherwise.

  5. Lot's to see for us poor folk left here in Canada...thanks for sharing!

  6. Calvin and BrendaJuly 15, 2012 at 1:01 PM

    Castle Cary looks like a pretty neat little town....I don't think there always has to be something spectacular, the little villages always have something interesting to offer even if it's only their quiet and peaceful manner. It's too bad the weather is so poor for you but you seem to be making the best of it. We just had a hail storm yesterday, Fraser said the hail was about half the size of a golf ball...we missed it al where we were.

  7. Haha, love the saftey of that prison! Wish I could leave my keys across the street so I don't ever lock myself out again!


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