Lakeshore waterfront at Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Shkoder, Albania on May 19th!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not much going on...

Well nothing too much has been happening in the last week and a half or so. Still busy with work though!

We had a nice visit with Kevin’s Dad while he was here and when he left the next day Alex arrived and stayed with us until the Wednesday. He works at a tennis summer day camp in Ottawa and is basically in charge of the camp. That particular week was only a half day camp each day and only had about 10 children in the camp so he took the week off and his boss took over so that Alex could spend the time studying for his first actuarial exam that he would be doing the following week (actually it was yesterday, and unfortunately he didn’t pass it, but he said he will be ready for the next one now that he knows what to expect. The actuarial exams are so tough that over 40% of people who take them do not pass the first exam on the first try). This was also when we went up to Red Pine Camp for the day, Alex said he would stay and watch Whiskey for us, as dogs are not allowed there and he could study in peace and quiet. As Kevin had posted we did have a great day and the drive was beautiful.

On Sunday Kevin had a few extra hours to work on Sherman as Sunday is his shortest day at work, 11am-4pm and then he was able to have another day off on Monday because it was a holiday. He enjoyed the time and it was a much better day weather wise than they had forecast. I had to work the full day because it was too busy to leave and Kevin wasn’t doing his afternoon run to Perth so I wasn’t able to go to my Dad’s, instead I would work Tuesday morning (we are short two staff members at the moment) and finish at 1pm have lunch and then head off with Kevin and meet my sister in Perth as she is up visiting with her son Marshall and come back on Thursday and finish off with my evening shift then from 6-9pm instead of 3-9pm.

After my sister picked me up we headed back to our Dad’s and hit a pretty good thunderstorm that dumped a pile of rain. Later in the evening my Dad checked his rain metre and we had had 2 ½” of rain in about a half hour or so. Apparently Ottawa got hit pretty hard and Kevin said they got nothing in Kingston only 2 hours away. Had a nice visit with my Dad, my sister Lesley (she’s the one I went and visited with in June that lives near Hamilton, Ontario) and her son, Marshall. I also saw my other nephew, Matthew who lives next door to my Dad.

Lesley and I went for a walk along one of the side roads out of the village and saw the Mississippi River where we used to swim as teenagers, you couldn’t swim here until you could swim fairly well because it was deep and pretty much a drop off once you stepped down off the rocks, also there could be a strong current there because we were only about a quarter of a mile or less from the head of the water falls. We used to jump in off the bridge all the time. Some brave souls even went over to the railroad trestle and jumped in from there, I never got the nerve to do that. For many of years now a pair of osprey have taken up residence on the trestle and have a beautiful big nest up there.

Anyways as I said not too much has been happening. Kevin and I were starting to discuss possible routes to take down to Texas, but it will depend on if we are meeting up or not with Geoff and Fran (work campers that we met in PEI our first summer travelling) and also places that we would like to see this winter, so it feels like it is getting closer now! We can’t wait to be on the open road again.

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