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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wolfe Island

Time is flying by again, and we still seem to be as busy as ever.

Rather than going up to my Dad's this past week, he came to spend a few days with us in the motorhome.  He came Monday around lunch time. I was still working and had about another hour or so to go, but Kevin was home for his lunch so Dad headed over to the motorhome.  He and I went for a walk on the back trail of the campground and just sat outside and relaxed until it was time to get dinner.

Tuesday I had a bit of running around to do and had to pick up some groceries so we left the dogs behind and got that all done and then had some lunch.  After lunch we headed out to Parrot's Bay Conservation Area, Kevin and I went there in the winter for a hike.  We had a nice hike around the area, the dogs really enjoyed themselves.  We took a different trail from the one Kevin and I did before, but before leaving we did go to the lookout over the swamp/pond which Kevin and I had viewed before.

A stream that we crossed over that empties into the pond

View of the swamp/pond from the lookout area

On Wednesday my Dad said he would like to go to Wolfe Island.  He and my Mom had always wanted to go there but somehow never made it, so our plan was to make a lunch and head over on the 11:30am ferry from downtown Kingston.  This is a free ferry and runs about every hour to hour and a half or so depending on the time of the day.  Wolfe Island has a nice conservation area called Sandy Bay, so we thought we would wander the road along the edge of the island and make our way there.  There is a charge to get into the conservation area and we decided that we would pay the $8 or so to go in.  There is suppose to be an 1.3km trail that would take you to the beach area and dogs were allowed in the conservation area and the trail goes through welands and woodlands.  So once we got to the entrance I went to go pay and the guy said that it was $16 dollars, $8 per adult if arriving by car, $6 per adult if arriving by bike or boat.  I told him that was too much and to forget it.  I couldn't possibly understand how it could be worth that much.  So we sat at a picnic table by the entrance and had our lunch and then got back in the car to drive around the island a little more.  It is quite a pretty island, but other than the conservation area and the small village at the ferry dock there really isn't anywhere to walk the dogs freely. 

Downtown Kingston from the ferry

Fort Henry a National Historic Site built during the War of 1812

View of the wind generators as we approach Wolfe Island from the ferry

The island reminds me of Prince Edward Island, very good farmland, fairly flat and very laid back.  There is a big wind generator farm on the island with 86 wind generators, it is the second largest wind farm in Canada.

Close up of the wind generators

One of the island roads, straight and flat

Even though the island isn't spectacular we had a nice afternoon and my Dad really enjoyed it and said how relaxing it was.

For supper he treated us to take out dinner at the El Asador, the little place we found about a month ago that serves Mexican food and Indian curries.  A great finish to the day!  The next day my Dad headed back home and it was back to normal for us.  It was a nice couple of days because I actually got to leave the campground, which other than doing groceries I don't have the chance as Kevin needs the car.

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