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Thursday, August 19, 2010

This RV was simply not meant to be on the road...

Working at an RV dealership, you sure get to hear a lot of interesting stories.

So a couple of months ago, this young couple with two small children buy a travel trailer. Brand new 2010 model. They have nothing but problems. Not appliance type of problems, but stuff related to the structure of the trailer. There is no real point in going into details, just that there were so many items that they would have never been happy, and our general manager at the dealership agreed that there was only one real solution to the problem.

Get them a new trailer.

And so the manufacturer agreed. I don't think it's fair to mention the manufacturer's name because 1) this specific trailer was NOT of up to par, and 2) the manufacturer stepped up to the plate and fixed the problem. I feel the two kind of cancel each other out. Plus, under the circumstances, I think any manufacturer would have done the same thing.

So the new trailer showed up at the lot, and it was a 2011 model, with a few extra features that the previous model lacked. This young couple were obviously impressed that the dealership stood behind them, and then the manufacturer did as well. They came right out and said that they didn't expect this kind of treatment and will tell the story to whoever will listen.

The unacceptable trailer was picked up by one of the drivers that was heading back to Indiana. Just after crossing back into the U.S., this trailer was involved in an accident and written off. Just like that. Now, the manufacturer will receive full payment for the value of that trailer from the insurance company.

I dunno, but I kind of like it when everybody involved does the right thing, and then everybody involved comes out ahead of the game.


  1. always good to hear a nice story for a change. thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Love the pic of Sherman at the airport in Vermillion Bay. Thank you for recommending we stay there. We parked in the same spot.

  3. Thanks Derek, we loved that spot as well. Had to be the quietest spot we ever stayed at. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Happy to see you are enjoying your travels!

    Kevin and Ruth


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