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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

C'mon October....

Not trying to rush the summer away, but we are getting closer to getting on the road again, and we miss that so much. We've decided that we'll leave a bit earlier than November 1st.

And actually, November 1st was the latest we would have left anyhow. Now, we are aiming for October 17 which is a little less than 7 weeks away.

On another note, we are getting low on propane. We've been sitting here since around the end of April, and I didn't think the propane would last that long. But it's an 80 lb tank and we only use it for cooking. Propane refill trucks aren't allowed into the campground to service RV's so we have not much choice but to take Sherman for a drive.

But there is a problem. In May, Ontario brought in the most stringent propane regulations in North America. Every RV that has an onboard ASME propane tank (almost all motorhomes) has to have that tank inspected and tagged every five years. Sherman is a 1996, and I doubt the tank has ever been inspected. However based on the standards, I know that he will pass with flying colors. The problem is that when Ontario enacted the law, they informed all of the propane refill stations, but they didn't put in any system to get the technicians licenced to do the inspections. A typical government boondoggle. As you know, I work at an RV dealer so you would think it would be easy for me to get the inspection certificate. Wrong...our technicians are not licenced to do that. There is a course being held in October that our guys will be sent to. In the meantime there is only one guy that I know of that can do it, and he's the instructor for the area. He's also a mobile RV service technician. He's obviously very busy. I've called his office 3 times to arrange for an appointment and haven't had any luck yet. I'll be calling him this morning because I now have 3 motorhomes for him to inspect all here at the KOA so it will be worth his while to come and do the job.

We've still got just under 1/4 tank. But come October we may need to use the furnace here and there and that sucks up a lot of propane.

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  1. What a typical government program. We bought an "extend a stay" gadget for such times when we might be low on propane and don't want to have to move. Would that work for you? It might be something that would come in handy in your travels anyway.

  2. Yep, a typical government program. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

    I had thought about getting the "Extend-A-Stay" kit for Sherman, but then we would have to buy the kit as well as another propane tank and carry that around as well. For us, the expense wouldn't have been worth it.

    An update, I called the guy again today to do the inspection...answering machine...I left another message!


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