Lakeshore waterfront at Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Old blog posts and new ideas

Yesterday, I was adding some more of our old travel blog posts to this site so that all our travels could be in one place.  It is a time consuming job, but I am making progress.  I have now completed March 2008.  I am working backwards so I only have 4 1/2 months to go and it will be complete.  I have already started on February 2008's posts today.

Anyway yesterday in my haste I forgot to back date (March 7, 2008) one post so it posted under yesterday's date.  I have since gone in and changed the date.  It was on our site for the whole morning and Wild Blue Yonder posted a comment on it, saying how she like the way we put our major budget items at the end of the post.  We would put the number of sleeps in Sherman, total cost of groceries, fuel and overnight costs as a tally each day up to the end of the month and then start fresh for the next month going day by day.  We got to doing that partly for our own use, we could see at a glance how we are doing budget wise in each of the major spending catagories and partly to show everyone that you don't have to be well off to to afford this kind of life style.  You may have to make some changes to the way you do some things, ie not eating out as much, not staying in expensive campgrounds, traveling a shorter distance over a longer period of time.  Everyone has their own way of doing things and if that fits for them then great, we just want to show that anyone can do it.

Having said that, I was wondering if there is any additional info that we could add that any one of our readers would think would be helpful.  We always try to tell what did and where we went each day, usually mentioning the route we took.  I thought that maybe putting the miles travelled would be nice as well as the weather for the day.  We also now have a GPS unit that has the GPS co-ordinates in it so we could always put in the location of where we stayed each night.  That might be helpful to someone that will be travelling through that area and would like to stop for the night without having to look around for somewhere.  This helped Derek and Lesley when they stayed at Vermillion Bay Airport in northern Ontario this year.  We didn't have the GPS co-ordinates but we were able to tell them where it was by email.

So if you think of anything more we should add let us know.  Thank you at the same time for following along with us and with our future travels.  As of tomorrow we can say we are leaving next month : )


  1. I had actually read that post with the current date on it and I was confused! Thanks for clarifying. It took me minute to realize there was a problem..I was wondering how you got to Florida so fast.

    One thing that Howard and Linda (of Rv Dreams) do that I like is after each day's heading, they list the city and state they are in. When reading multiple blogs, it's easy to forget where the people are currently at.

  2. Karen and Al...Sorry for the confusion. Thank you also for you input. When we are actually on the road we do give the post the name of where we are staying and the number of days staying there. An example would be "Live Oak, Florida" as in that old post I made the mistake with and if we have stayed there more than one day then we would have put "Live Oak, Florida (Day 2)". I agree with you that some posts we follow along with, you do forget where they currently are, we are a prime example ourselves at the moment, as we have stayed put since April and now rarely mention that we are in Kingston, Ontario!

  3. i love how you are keeping track of your budget and making sure that the trip is well planned. So far it sounds like it's been working for you too! I think many people will find it helpful too.

  4. Cheap Travel Package...We have to keep a close eye on what we are doing and how we are spending our money because we have a tight budget, but we also want to have fun. We just want to show people that if they change some things in their life while on the road you can do it with a limited budget. Thanks!

    Kevin and Ruth


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