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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Somewhere you've never been before

If you could travel to somewhere on earth that you've never been before, and cost was not an issue, where would you go...and why?

It's pretty tough to choose just one place. But one thing that has been on our list of places to go for a long time is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, along the border of Tanzania and Kenya in Africa.

We want to climb Kilimanjaro. We love hiking, and climbing a mountain of that size can be done by your average hiker, provided that you understand what a task it is. You will hike for 4 to 5 hours per day, 8 days in a row, with one day taking at least 12 hours.

Here is a good website that details the hike that we would love to do one day...

I would like to hear about where you would go. Perhaps there is a destination that we haven't thought of that we could add to our list.


  1. I would go to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and go scuba diving! No question, that would be first choice for both of us.

  2. Yup, those two places are on our list as well. One day!

  3. I was lucky in that I got to travel to over 20 countries thanks to the US Navy.

    One trip I'd like to do is do an around the world sailing trip.

  4. Dave...The travelling you have done would sure give you insight to the world and what places you may want to go back to and explore more.

    Kevin and I would like to do some cruising as well, but not sure about a sailing trip around the world. I think it would be too much time at sea and not enough on land. I hope you get the chance to do it!

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Even with seeing all those countries, the ones I wanted to see most I didn't get a chance too. Russia, Germany, England, Norway, etc.

    I think though there is so much of America that I have yet to see that I would love to explore first. Why we are considering doing a year long trip out in an RV.

  6. Yes, you are right there is lots to see in America, Canada and Mexico. Kevin and I both mention that there are some states that we have travelled through where we could easily spend a month or more exploring. Then there are all the states that we haven't even hit yet. So much to see!

    Don't just consider doing the year long trip, get out there...DO IT and enjoy!


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