Max, at his overnight spot near the town of Žiri, Slovenia..
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Žiri, Slovenia.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Croatia.

Friday, February 5, 2010

This blog

The main reason we started writing online was to be able to have friends and family be informed as to where we are and what we're doing when we're travelling. And for the first 18 months, we used a trip journal site that we had to pay about $80 per year for. This worked just fine.

But then I came across Google's Adsense program.

Adsense supplies the advertising that you see above and beside the post that you are now reading. Every time somebody visits one of those advertising sites, we make a few cents of income to put towards our travels. So instead of us paying to have a trip journal, we now make a couple of dollars every month.

It doesn't cost you anything to visit one of the advertisers sites, and there is no chance of viruses because they are all pre-screened by Google. And you can quickly return to this site by using your browsers "back" button.

A neat thing about this form of advertising is that it is geared towards the content of the post. Notice how the ads right now are all regarding advertising on making money online.

Visit some of our past posts and see how the ads are always related to what the post is about...

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  1. I always try to take a "quick look" at one of your advertisers !!

    We are thinking of starting a blog as well, to hopefully cut down on cell phone calls when we are on the road.

    BTW...there's an idea for a future post. Do you carry a cell phone, is it a contract phone or pay by the minute. If one doesn't carry a cell phone, how can a person be reached in an emergency.

    Now I better go click on a sponser....


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