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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mostly Mexican

The other day I talked about cooking food in Sherman and mentioned that we don't eat out very often.  Normally we don't even eat out once a month.  The main reasons are that we really like our own cooking, and it is generally expensive and not worth the price.

When we are somewhere different, we like to sample the local food, especially when somewhere has been highly reccommended to us, as long as it isn't way out of our price range.

Here in Kingston we have gone to the Wok-In restaurant three times since being here and we really like it.  It is Thai food and it is a very small hole in the wall restaurant where you can eat in or take out.  We have eaten there once and taken out twice.  The meal each time has been fantastic, lots of it and for the two of us cost less than $20 CAN.

When we were in Charleston, S.C. we went to  Aromas restaurant for lunch. If you are in that area I highly recommend the place, we had a great meal at a great price.  Here is their website They serve lunch at $6.95 US and you get a huge plate full.  They have Asian, Thai and American inspired cuisine, sorry no picture, but we may make a point of stopping in there again on our way to Florida, if we do, we'll be sure to get a picture!

We have found that Mexico is the place to get the most bang for your buck an such great meals.  Here are some mouth watering and interesting dishes.

Breaded fish, fries, rice for 50 pesos ($4.85 CAN, $4.10 US), we could even bring our own drinks!

Mi Viejo restaurant in Chetumal, serves a regional specialty called Ceviche. We had the mixed dish version of this…shrimp, octopus, fish and something else that we never figured out, mixed up with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lots of lime juice. It’s served cold, much like a seafood salad. They also gave us a sort of seafood consomme appetizer, with lots of nacho chips, and then the main course came. We had ordered a medium plate, and that was too much for the two of us. Overall, it’s not something we would order again. It was good, but there was just too much of it. Total bill, including a 20 peso tip, came to 140 pesos ($12.74 CAN, $10.35 US)

Ceviche at Mi Viejo in Chetumal

A huge hamburguea (hamburger), unfortunately this one made me sick, but we've had others with no problems. 

Most of the time you are OK with food in Mexico, but we figure that at least once while you are down there for an extended period of time, it is almost guaranteed that you will get sick for a couple of days.  Not fun, but we look at it as a small price too pay for so many GREAT experiences.

Seafood soup at a restaurant in Santa Cruz, Huatulco, soup was 120 pecos so less than $12, but a full meal

Mariscos (seafood platter) at Puerto Angelito, for four and drinks 250 pesos ($22.50 CAN $18.00 US)

A shrimp dish that Marie (a Mexican couple that befriended us) made for us.  The sauce was so spicy I saved it and add it to a spagetti sauce that I made for them

The chickens were alive the day before, second picture what they looked like for dinner at the wedding

Dinner of stew, vegetables, black beans, rice and torillas given to us by one of the marine soldier guys at the military base, who we had lent some DVD's to

Last but not least Kevin's parents treated us to a meal at Fort Henry, this is Roast Beef, yorkshire puddings, gravy and veggies

Hope you aren't too hungry after seeing these pictures.  In the future when we come across a great place to eat we will be sure to let you know and take a picture so that you can see what to exepect!

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