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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starting to move into Sherman

It's snowing again!  Hard to believe that only a few days ago there was no snow on the ground.  Conditions were great for us to get things moved into Sherman.  That has changed.  Since Thursday we have had snow every day and it is wet, heavy and sloppy snow.  I keep shovelling because I don't want it to freeze up on us and make a total mess.  It is wet and very slushy, even Whiskey isn't enjoying her walks much. 

Yesterday by the middle of the afternoon most of what we had was gone again and the sun was shinning, but as I said it is snowing again now.  Kevin has been up on Sherman's roof several times to clear the wet slushy mess of snow off.  With it being so slushy we are worried of possible leakage, but Sherman has never had any roof leaks so he seems to be holding up.

Today I am going to start moving things into Sherman that I know we won't need over the next couple of days.  I've been working on clearing out the stuff that we don't use and getting rid of it and organizing things better, so I'll see how that all pans out when I get it into Sherman.

We are leaving some things behind here, at Mike and Crista's while we are away for the month, as well as the little car.  They are things we will use over the summer, but we don't need to bring with us on the month long trip.  In the fall these things will be stored at my Dad's house.

Kevin has been working on tuning up the bikes, so after work today he will finish his work on that.  He was going to bring Sherman into his work tomorrow and get the water running again and I was going to vacuum and clean the inside up better, but it looks the the roads are going to be too messy so I think we will just leave him in put in the driveway and work on things here.  It is a little difficult as there is no outside outlet so we won't have electricity and I can't work off the solar panels because it isn't sunny out and we will need the power for the fan on the furnace for tomorrow night.

The other thing that I have planned for today, will be cleanning the stove/oven and the fridge and getting out things out of the cupboards in the kitchen and putting Crista's things back.  I hope I remember where I need to put her things, she may have to look for some of it when she comes back.  I am sure I won't have it all in the right place.  At least things will be clean for her.

Will update you tomorrow on how things are progressing.

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  1. You must be getting so excited !! Darn.... I wish we could control the weather. I know Kevin will get you safely to clear highways.

    So, does this mean your housesitting is over ?

    I am sure Crista will appreciate having a clean kitchen, even if she does have to play "hide and seek" for a little while !!

    Okay, I better let you have a ton of things to do..... LOL


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