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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cooking in the motorhome

Well we are late with the blog today.  Sorry about that readers.  It got late last night and we realized that the post wasn't done and by that time we were both too tired.

Kevin talked earlier about our food habits and that we rarely eat out in an earlier.  A lot of that reason is that we like our own cooking so much and can do it so cheaply that it doesn't make sense for us to eat out, especially in Canada where it is so expensive.  The US definitely is better price wise and you get alot of food, sometimes its too much.  Mexico is even better, there are times when it is just as cheap and good to eat out as it is to make your own.  More on that for a post another day!

On average our food budget is around $350 a month.  As I said before, we rarely eat out so this is for the majority of our meals.  We eat good healthy meals and always have lots.  This $350 also includes Whiskey's food and any cleanning products and small little things that we just clump under groceries.  It does not include alcohol!

I make most things from scratch, as Kevin mentioned before. I cook the same way as I would have in our regular house, our meals haven't changed in any way.  I have less room in the motorhome than before and I don't have the handy appliances that I use to have, but I always find a way, such as using a wooden spoon to mix my cookie dough or cake batters.  A wire whisk and lots of arm power to beat whip cream, a carrot grater to try and shed cold roast beef to make a sheppards pie, that was hard work, but I have the time now that we don't live the conventional life.  I have since bought a small food grinder for $10 and that actually works quite well for a number of things, including grinding my beef into little tiny bits.

There is a microwave in Sherman, but it is rarely used because we aren't hooked up to power very often and we don't like using our onboard generator because it is nice to hear the sound of nature and also we don't like to disturb others around us if there is anyone close by.  The oven, stove top and BBQ are used alot.

We do a fair bit of entertaining in Sherman which we really enjoy, especially when we stay at a couchsurfers and in return for staying we will offer to make a meal for them and eat it in our motorhome so they can have  taste of what our life is like.

Have a look at some of our delicious food.

The BBQ helped out with this meal

A great meal enjoyed by all! Everyone bought something.

Christmas dinner, roast chicken,stuffing and gravy, roast beef, gravy and vegetables even roast potatoes!

Spaghetti and salad with some Mexician friends

Putting whipped cream on the Blackforest cake made from scratch!

Cooking stir-fry

Ruth making pancake breakfast for 6

Kevin's birthday dinner...chicken pot pie!

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