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Thursday, January 7, 2010

We like Mexico

Well you have heard us talk about Mexico and show lots of pictures of Mexico, so I guess you can easily figure out that we like Mexico. If you told us four or five years ago that you could drive a motorhome into and around Mexico we would have thought you were crazy. Well I think now that other people think we are crazy because now we have done it twice and love it!!!!

When we decided to start our fulltime motor homing we were going to drive around the south and southwest part of the States but our new friends Glen and Steve talked us into going down to the Mexican Baja with them for two months. We thought this would be a great time to see how they travel fulltime (boondocking) most of the time and in a different country, plus it gave us peace of mind to be travelling with someone while down there. We had a blast and we learned a lot.

Last year we decide to travel with them once again in mainland Mexico. Again we had a blast. We gained a lot of confidence in ourselves while travelling through Mexico and after two months we parted ways. Glen and Steve went backpacking into Belize and Guatamala by then we were confident enough to continue on by ourselves for the next two and a half months.

We saw so much of the real Mexico and found it to be a very safe place. The people are absolutely wonderful, helpful and giving. We have fantastic memories of Mexico and some of the places we visited were spectatular (and cheap), food is great (and cheap) and they have beautiful ruins (lots of UNESCO sites). We can’t wait to go back again next year.



  1. Kevin, I have a great idea for you !! Teresa and I would love to go to Mexico, but have some hesitation. How about an E-Book, giving detailed info about a suggested route, things to watch for, pre-trip planning, things to see, things to avoid etc. I know there are guide books out there, but I like your slant on things ! Unless of course, you plan to include all these ideas for free in this blog....LOL

  2. Lol...I spend enough time on the computer without writing sn E-book! Of course, if you want to go to Mexico, you're welcome to travel with us for a few weeks and see how we do things. After all, that's how we got into it!

  3. Thank you very much for that generous offer !! That is greatly appreciated. We would definitely want to travel with someone more experienced than us !! Of course, I would have unlimited beer for you, and chilled wine for the ladies...ha ha. Now let's see, we just have to sell the house, get rid of all our stuff, explain to family....oh, oh, I'm not too sure we can make your Nov deadline..LOL But then again, you and Ruth did it in only a few months, so it can be done !! ;-)

  4. Hey there ,love your blog. Do you work at al or ever. I'm planning on Baja and Mexico next winter. Using trk and camper an pulling utilty trailer. Maybe see you there!

  5. I have done the mainland now 2 years in row & also Baja. No problems other than low trees & wires. I have a truck camper & cargo trailer. Always willing to have company if you are a novice. Next jan I will be headed direct to Morelia to the butterfly reserve (from Nogales), I have res at Laguna del Tule in Melaque (4 hrs south of PV) for Feb1 to mar 1.

    I stated a forum for Mexican RV travel last year, Check it out You can also get bumper stickers there.

  6. Paul...We want to go to the butterfly reserve as well this winter, so you never know we just might meet up with each other this winter.

    Kevin and Ruth


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