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Friday, January 1, 2010

One piece of furniture

When we set out to simplify our lifestyle towards the goal of full time RV'ing in September of 2007, we sold virtually everything in our 4 bedroom house. We now own about ten full rubbermaid storage bins, and one piece of furniture. These items are stored at my sister's house.

This buffet hutch was made in 1941, and it is the one piece of furniture that we kept. It belonged to my grandmother who passed away in 1995 just a few days after her 98th birthday. It's nothing special, it's not worthy of any valuable "antique" status, and it's not worth any great amount of money.

I'm not normally sentimental about these types of things, but my grandmother lived in Toronto while we grew up in Ottawa. One of my favorite childhood memories is the regular trips we made to Toronto to visit my grandmother. This piece of furniture was in her house, and I remember it from there. It reminds me of those trips, and it reminds me of her.

But my sister no longer wants to keep it in storage at her place. I tried to sell it for $250, but got no responses for the ad. I think that's a sign that I should keep it. So I'm going to try and give it to a friend to use for the next ten or twenty years....or longer.


  1. You can have it, when did you want to come and get it?!

  2. My resolution this year is to "simplify our lifestyle". I really enjoyed your blog, and dream of on day RV'ing.
    We usually drive for vacations in our minivan with out 3 boys, from Toronto to Myrtle Beach, Florida, and New York.


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