Nice drive to Reno, Nevada yesterday.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Reno, Nevada.

Where are they going next? South, towards Death Valley National Park.

Friday, January 15, 2010


We're thinking we might like to spend a winter in Ecuador.
Yes, the Ecuador in South America! I'm not talking about anytime soon, but it will be on the top of the list when we're ready to do a winter outside of North America.

Everything I read says that if you live a frugal lifestyle, a couple can do just fine in Ecuador for $800 per month. Oddly enough, their currency is the US dollar, so right now it's about par with the Canadian dollar. A decent apartment can be had for $250 a month. A case of beer for $9.00. A meal for two in a restaurant with wine for $20.

For a small country, Ecuador has everything...a perfect climate because it's located on the equator, miles of beautiful Pacific beaches, and the fantastic Andes mountain range.

Anyhow, we can't do this while we still have Whiskey. And she's only 14 so hopefully she'll be around for a few years yet!

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  1. Well, I sure like the idea of living somewhere warm for under $1000.00 per month, but I must admit that we are not quite as adventurous as you guys are !! Heck, we are still trying to work up enough nerve to travel into Mexico !!
    I guess we will just have to take "Baby Steps" before we will be ready for the "Pros"...LOL
    BTW, what an awesome photo today...a boondockers paradise !!


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