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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boondocking near cities

Why don’t cities make several areas throughout their municipality for boondocking? Instead they actually make it difficult in some cities with restrictions to overnight parking.

I know, I know, the RV parks complain that it is taking money away from them, but that isn’t really true, it may take a small amount away, but not the bulk of it. Most RVer’s who boondock do it to save money and because they don’t like the crowded, rule based RV parks, so most of these people would not stay in these parks to begin with. Some may stay one night just so they can check out the city.

If cities allotted several locations for RV overnight parking, no services necessary, (as we are self contained units) throughout the city, away from residential areas but close to bus transit, it would be a win, win situation. RVer’s may stay more than one night because it makes it affordable to them and in turn will spend more money in the city while checking out the sites, eating at restaurants and so forth. It wouldn’t cost the city anything. Some cities have adopted this already, even locating a dump station at the tourist info center, but we have seen these mostly in smaller cities or large towns in the US.

We have been known to drive right through towns and cities who have overnight parking restrictions, just to spite them because they don’t make it inviting to visit their wonderful cities, and we know of many other who do the same thing. Nova Scotia tried to do this and ended up changing their minds as they noticed their tourist dollars going down because some RV’ers were boycotting the province.

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  1. Spot on true. Excellent idea, but one sadly that would be fought tooth and nail by ARVC.


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