Nice drive to Reno, Nevada yesterday.
Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Reno, Nevada.

Where are they going next? South, towards Death Valley National Park.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

24/7 in the motorhome

When we started out on this RV lifestyle, some of the questions people asked us were "what are you going to do all the time?" and "won't you get bored?"
Well, now we can answer those questions.

First of all, I don't think we have EVER been bored. So no, we definitely don't get bored! The closest I come to bored is reading a book. And I read so many good books while sitting in the shade under an the awning staring at the ocean. Bored? Nope.

When we're travelling, we do a lot of hiking. We've seen some fantastic sights while travelling with the motorhome.

Whiskey while on the hiking trail to Bertha Lake and falls in Waterton Lakes Nat'l Park, Alberta Nov 2007

Ruth and Whiskey at the lookout on Mount Hope, looking down at the town of Hope, BC, Nov 2007

Ruth and Whiskey with a view of El Burro beach from top of mountain across the road from our campsite, Los Cocos, Bahia Concepcion, Baja California, Mexico Dec 07

And we do a lot of reading. There are always books available for exchange between motorhomers, so if you bring a decent supply with you on a long trip, you will be able to trade with others. The computer gets lots of use as well, and when we have internet we do a lot of research into the next destination and what to do in the area and where to find cheap or free overnight spots. And we play a lot of card games and backgammon and yahtzee. When we were travelling with our friends Glen and Steve we played cards almost every evening, and then usually watched a DVD on the laptop. That's another thing that you can easily exchange with other RV'ers.

And I spend a fair bit of time cleaning or polishing or doing some kind of repair or maintenance to the motorhome. Just like a house, there is always something that needs to be done.

Especially when the repair and maintenance is caused by my own stupidity!

And we always spend a lot of time talking to people who live in the area we're visiting, and other RV people who are travelling through the same area. RV'ers as a general group are very friendly, and always willing to help each other out.

So we have lots of things to do...and nope, we're never bored!

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