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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Edit*** Went for brunch today...

We don't do Christmas gifts with the family anymore, so instead we like to get together for an expensive restaurant meal.

Today, we're going to "Le Cafe" for their expensive Sunday brunch.

$27.95 per person! better be good!

I'll post a report on this experience later today...


Okay, so we arrived there right on time at 11am. The place had opened at 10am. There were two other tables being used, and the food at the buffet looked like it had hardly been touched. After getting our fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, we went and got some salad and appetizers. Not bad...a few different items, and even sushi if you're into that.

The main courses on the buffet table were pretty good, but I had one complaint. And actually, it's the only complaint I had about the whole place. The food had been out since 10am, and because there was hardly anybody there, that food was getting kind of "old". Different story when we left, because the place was then fairly busy, and fresh food was being brought out regularly. I just think that it's not our fault that the place wasn't busy when we got there, and that fresh food should have been brought out when the other had sat around too long. I'm not talking about the salads or that kind of thing. But you can tell when scrambled eggs, or pancakes, have been sitting around too long.

Anyhow, not bad overall, but I think the crowd that arrived later got a better deal on the food itself. Service was good though, and we enjoyed our time with the family.

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