Nice sunset view as we pass over London, England, on our way to Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Shkodra, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Hiking the Peaks of the Balkans, June 13-24!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Visiting Lindsey and Justin in New Minas

Monday June 2…11:00pm

No problems last night. Got on the road fairly early, and made it to Lindsey’s place about 11:00am. She had said she might not be home yet, so we got ourselves settled in her driveway. Justin had the landlord drop off a load of
gravel so he had levelled out some potholes…it was nice and smooth now. In fact, because the upstairs of the house is vacant, it’s a real nice spot to park a motorhome!

Ruth and Lindsey did some grocery shopping in the afternoon, while I puttered around with the motorhome. Then they made hamburgers and I cooked them on Lindsey and Justins new BBQ. After supper we went for a long walk and had a Gelato Italian ice cream before picking up Justin at his evening job.

Groceries are expensive in Nova Scotia! A gallon (4 litres) of milk was $7.11…!!! We were used to paying $4.79 in Ottawa, and $3.00 or less in the US. In fact, it seems that everything is a bit pricey here except for housing. Gas is selling for $1.399 a litre. ($5.29 a gallon US).

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…225

June Fuel $ 0

June Grocery $ 117.98

June Overnight Costs $ 0

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