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Friday, June 13, 2008

Havre Boucher, NS

Friday June 13…11:15pm

When we woke up, it was nice and sunny, but very windy. We said goodbye and thanks to our couchsurfing hosts, and stopped for a couple of hours at the grocery store in town and used a local internet access point while we waited to see if the wind would die down a bit. It didn’t really, and also by then the sun had
disappeared. We didn’t really plan on driving very far today, but we had wanted to get to Whycocomagh which was about 100 km’s. But the wind was too much, and it started raining a bit as well. Sherman is NOT fun to drive in high winds. Watching the news later on, they said we were getting gusts up to 80km/h and that kind of wind blows a motorhome all over the road. So we made it 40 km’s to the Linwood Harbour Campground. It’s not very well maintained, and not really worth the $25 a night we paid, but we needed somewhere to dump our tanks and we weren’t going to drive any further. Their website sure makes it look a lot better than it is! And, they advertise free wi-fi, and I can pick up their signal, but it won’t connect. Fortunately, I can get connected with a signal from a nearby house. There are maybe 5 other RV’s here, but I can’t see how anybody would stay more than 1 night. They have a sort of hiking trail that we don’t think anybody uses, but we did, so we went for a half hour walk. Mosquitoes are starting to come out, even though it’s cold and windy. We’ve also noticed quite a few more black flies as we head to the Cabot Trail, so hopefully that won’t be too detrimental to the hikes we like to do. Today is Friday the 13th, and we are parked in site number 13!

Lindsey and Justin have loaned us their complete 10 season library of the TV show “Friends” so this evening we used the electricity we paid for to finish off season 1. Tomorrow we’ll have showers and use the dump station and then we’re outta here!

It is cold and wet and windy here…where is the June weather…??!!

We’ll have to put a bit more gas in to get ourselves to PEI later this month…gas is now up to $1.45 a litre ($5.50 a gallon) here!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…236

June Fuel $ 211.23

June Grocery $ 377.50

June Overnight Costs $ 58.56

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