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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hubbards Beach, Nova Scotia

Saturday June 7

Filled up with gas before leaving for Hubbards Beach Campground. At $1.369 per litre, it took $211.23 to fill the tank, and that was filling up from the quarter tank mark. That’s the most dollars we’ve put in at one time.
So we had an uneventful drive down to Hubbards Beach. It was about an hour and a half drive, and so we’re set up on the south shore of Nova Scotia, about 45 minutes south west of Halifax. It’s a fairly expensive campground, at $33.56 per night including tax. And that was after our 10% Good Sam Club discount. So that’s the most we’ve paid for a campsite since we started out nearly 8 months ago. We’re thinking about getting a Passport America membership so that we can get 50% off camping at member campgrounds. There are quite a few, and it would pay for itself after 3 uses or so.

Sherman parked by himself

It’s a nice campground though, and it has a beautiful beach. There are a lot of seasonal campers who spend all summer here. Mostly people from Halifax who use this as their summer cottage type of spot. We went for a walk around, and it would actually be a nice spot to go for a bike ride, but we didn’t make time for that. We had a few beers around a nice campfire in the evening, and didn’t get to bed until late.

Ruth, Kevin, Jane, and Alan at Hubbards Beach Campground

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…230

June Fuel $ 211.23

June Grocery $ 138.13

June Overnight Costs $ 33.56

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