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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pleasant Bay, NS

Tuesday June 17…10:30pm

Yet another sunny day, for the most part. Although it’s funny how th fog rolls in and out of the shoreline throughout the day. When we were on a hike it was clear one minute and shrouded in fog the next. Then about 20 minutes later
it was clear again. When we were parked up later on, it was clear, and then you couldn’t see the mountains for the fog. Then half an hour later, it was clear and you could actually see the fog making it’s way further down the coast.

We hiked the Coastal Trail this morning. It was supposed to be 11 km’s, but we turned back shortly before the end so we figure we did about 9 km’s. Parts of the trail actually go over these big rocks by the shoreline, and Whiskey has a hard time walking on them. Also, although this is supposed to be one of the parks best coastal trail, I didn’t find it to be that special. And, the bugs are now coming out in force while on the inland sections of the trail. Black flies are the main problem…not so much with mosquitoes, although there are some. Saw one more young moose while on the way back, and 4 different garter snakes.

The lighthouse at Neils Harbour (where we parked up last night) from the Coastal Trail

Rocks on the Coastal Trail that Whiskey had a hard time with!

Then we headed across the top of the Cabot Trail to the western coast of Cape Breton Island. We climbed North mountain and came down the other side in first gear. Fortunately there’s hardly any traffic, and there was nobody behind me at that time, although the speed limit is only 50 km/h but I’m sure I never got much over 30 km/h. Much easier on the brakes that way.

View from a lookout near Smelt Brook on the Alternate Scenic Route of the Cape Breton Trail

We ended up in the village of Pleasant Bay, and parked ourselves near the harbour at what they call a baseball diamond. It has a beautiful view of the ocean, and I’m fairly certain that we’re not the first RV to park here. In fact, by the time we went to bed there were two other small motorhomes that had made their way to this spot for the night. One with Quebec plates and one with Nova Scotia plates.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…240

June Fuel $ 321.23

June Grocery $ 389.71

June Overnight Costs $ 58.56

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