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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Covehead Harbour, PEI

Tuesday June 24…10:45pm

Said goodbye to Cat and Bryan and the mosquitoes at about 10:30am. I keep forgetting just how small PEI is…we were driving up to Dalvay area where Lindsey is working, and it looks like a long way on the PEI map…but it’s only
100 km’s or so.  We went looking at various overnight possibilities because we’re not staying at the National Park…and arrived at Dalvay by the Sea at around 12:30pm. Lindsey wasn’t expecting us until tomorrow morning, and she has to work at 2pm. She had gone into Charlottetown with a friend and got back around 1pm so was surprised to see us parked there.

Dalvay by the Sea is a small resort hotel and restaurant located in PEI National Park. We left Sherman there and went for a bike ride on a new paved “multi purpose recreation trail” that runs alongside the parkway running through the park. We biked into the various beach parking lots and saw that one of them had shower facilities. We also biked into the nearest (there are 3 of them) campground in the park just to see how busy it is. Turns out they have 125 sites, and 3 of them were taken. I asked the guys in the entry booth if anybody ever thought about lowering the prices during slow times, and they just laughed. Boy, they sure had a lot of people working there though! If that was a private campground they’d have been bankrupt long ago.

Stanhope Beach...empty...

Expensive trailhead sign. I wonder what it cost? Note the wheelchair accessable hiking trail...

On our bike ride, we ended up at Covehead Harbour, which is actually slightly outside of the park border. Turns out this is the same spot where we went deep sea fishing 11 years ago. Anyhow, they have a little ice cream shop, so we had an ice cream and asked if we could park here overnight. They said they didn’t see why not, so that’s where we are for tonight. I even have internet access here! On the way though, we stopped and had a free shower at the beach parking lot.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…247

June Fuel $ 480.11

June Grocery $ 519.76

June Overnight Costs $ 58.56

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