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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Near Murray Harbour, PEI

Sunday June 22…10:15pm

So we got onto the 9:30am ferry to PEI this morning. We were the only RV to get on, and there weren’t many other vehicles either. We read later that the ferry holds 155 cars on 2 levels. On our crossing, the upper level was totally empty, and there were maybe 25 other vehicles along with us on the lower deck.

Ruth on the ferry...saying goodbye to Nova Scotia

The upper level was empty...and not many on the lower level either!

When we exited the ferry, the first thing we needed was a gas station. Our GPS unit had told us there was one about a mile on, and we drove right there. But when the GPS said “arriving at destination on right”, there was nothing but an empty lot! We backtracked half a mile to the visitor info centre and learned that the nearest fuel station was in Murray River, about 15 km’s east. Now because the fuel gauge has never been this low, I was totally guessing how much further we could travel, but I figured we were still going to be okay, and sure enough we did make it. Gas was $1.38 at this particular station, so we probably saved a whole $5 or so, at the expense of being a little nervous about how far we could travel on empty!

We found a road leading down to a beach, and there was a decent parking spot for us so we decided to have lunch there and go for a walk. We met a local fisherman who was taking the day off with his family at the beach, and he said we’d be perfectly fine to stay right where we were for the night, so that sounded good with us. The only problem was the mosquitoes. Where we are parked is beside a marshy area, and during the day they were not bad, but after supper we tried to go for a walk and didn’t make it 5 minutes before we were swarmed. Rather than slather ourselves with bug spray, we just headed back to Sherman for the night. It was quite warm in the evening and we had the windows open which just teased the little buggers and at times there were a few dozen of them on the screens wishing they could get in.

Whiskey on Poverty Beach

Bloodthirsty mosquitoes trying to get in. I didn't get a photo, but they were at least twice as bad the next night.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…245

June Fuel $ 480.11

June Grocery $ 509.47

June Overnight Costs $ 58.56

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