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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RV Parks in Puerto Escondido

We've been to Puerto Escondido with our 28 foot class A motorhome several times. But we've never had to find somewhere to park because we've always stayed with friends. We noticed the other day that one of the larger trailer parks on the main road didn't seem open this year so we decided to check out all of the possibilities here.

And it turns out there are still quite a few possibilities here, and for all sizes of rigs...but none of them are ideal!

The one on the main highway, the Villa Las Brisas, has sold off the main section of it's trailer park and it's no longer open. However the area where the swimming pool is still has a parking lot big enough for a couple of large RV's so we went in and spoke to them.

Located at the south end of the main highway. GPS coordinates 15.85197 -97.05194

The girl said yes, they still accept RV's and they'll string electricity for you and a water line. They charge 200 pesos ($16.50) per night. They do have a sort of a hole in the ground dump station, so you can empty your tanks but you'll have to move your rig to do so. 

This area is a bit run down and not the most scenic. It's also located on the main highway so you'll likely get some road noise. But you're welcome to park here.

But this area is better. One big rig could park up against this wall and be fairly level. Another parked beside it would have a difficult time getting level, but we've seen two big rigs parked in this area before, so it is do-able. No shade though!

They do have a half decent swimming pool area.

The only other option for larger rigs is the Hotel Villa Relax. Not a bad spot, but again no shade. At least you would be able to park your rig so that the rig itself provides your shade. Still, it's not the best...

Located at the north end of the main highway, near the airport entrance. GPS coordinates 15.86667 -97.07731

Definitely lots of room for any size is evidenced by these two buses parked here.

They do have an interesting swimming pool, although the water was a little cloudy the day we visited.

And even a tennis court!

Lots of parking...but again, no shade.

We visited this place twice, and both times there was nobody around to talk to! I did find a website, but not sure how up to date the info is. It says between 170 pesos ($14) and 230 pesos ($19) per night depending on the size of your rig.

There is another option, the Neptune Trailer Park, right on the beach. But it's a dump, and there's no way we would stay there.

Can't recommend this place, but if you really want to check it out it's at GPS coordinates 15.86199 -97.06178. The guy wanted 300 pesos ($24.60) per night!

The other places are all for smaller rigs or camper vans. There is one more that we could fit into, and I'm sure we could do it, but maneuvering would be tight. It's really the nicest spot though of all the ones we visited.

Cabanas El Eden is beside the Oxxo store on the main tourist section of Playa Zicatela. No sign or anything on the road and the entrance is kind of squeezed between the Oxxo store and a restaurant.

It's a tight fit, but I think Sherman could do it! GPS coordinates are 15.85365 -97.05592

Once you're in there, it's actually quite homey. They charge 60 pesos per person per night, so for a couple you would be 120 pesos ($10) which is not bad for being so close to the action. You can get a wi-fi signal from the place next door. Make sure you have a decent extension cord if you want electricity!

We bumped into fellow Mexican RV'ers Whit and Jan here! We've ran into them several times since we started RV'ing in Mexico!

The other options are only suitable for small van types of campers. There's the Palmas de Cortes...

GPS coordinates 15.86145 -97.06264

And Cabanas Edda at GPS coordinates 15.85860 -97.05803, but again only for van type campers. They charge 100 pesos ($8.20) per night.


  1. Guess we will drive on past to Puerto Angel! Better choices there for us.

    1. Yes, I agree Contessa. However it is a LONG drive from Acapulco to Puerto Escondido and there is not much in the way of "big rig" parking available along the route. I would stop in here for a good night's rest just to break up the drive even though Puerto Angel isn't that much further.

  2. So there is some options there, just not great ones. Like you said could be doable.

  3. Hi Kevin and Ruth, I am very new to your blog and decided to start reading from the start. I just finished 2007. Why didn't Kevin drive with Ruth to Mexico and fly instead? Very curious on that. Really enjoy your blog. My husband and I travel about 6 months out of the year in our motorhome. I can't bring myself to let our house go......maybe someday we will fulltime like you guys. I am tempted to read ahead but I'm going to get caught up on your wonderful adventure in the order it happens. Travel Safe! Leslie from California +_+

  4. Pool and tennis court seems a good option. Always enjoy reading about your life style and how you get by on your travels!

    1. Not ideal but for bigger units it is probably the best option. Our preference if we could get in (and we think we could) would be Cabanas El Eden. Thanks for taking time to comment Paul, we enjoy hearing from our readers.

  5. Thanks! Looks like there are a few options for us! Something to remember for the future .... one day....

  6. Thanks for doing this. It's much appreciated and always nice to get a first hand report. The pictures are really helpful too, especially with a big rig. Bien viaje-

  7. Very thorough! Thanks! Just what I needed as I am headed there soon.

    1. Hope that it will be helpful to you. Let us know how everything goes once you are there. Puerto Escondido is one of our favourite places in Mexico.

  8. Really appreciate all the info on your blog. We are mapping out our trip to Mexico for this winter coming up - and hopefully will get to Pto Escondido - we have friends that rent there. We'll be travelling with a truck and camper, so some of these spots would work just fine for us. Again, really enjoy your blog - and your adventures. Bev and Art - Water Valley, AB

    1. Hope that this post helps you then. If the trailer isn't too big, I think our choice would be Cabanas El Eden. It was definitely the nicest of the lot, I would just suggest that you get in there early in the morning to avoid the traffic in that area. If you have any questions at all concerning travel in Mexico don't hesitate to email us, we are more than happy to help.

  9. I stayed in P.E. last year for 3 months with my girlfriend. Such friendly and incredible people and stunning location. I have nothing but good things to say about the place. Broke my heart to return to England.


    1. Yep, Puerto Escondido is definitely one of our favourite places in Mexico. It's a beach town but not a hot tourist spot which we love. Hope you are able to make it back there some day.


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